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MSc scholarships available funded by DONG Energy UK

DONG Energy are offering a number of scholarships for outstanding UK students who will be starting DEI masters courses in September 2015. Each scholarship will have a value of up to £6,000.


(26 Mar 2015) » More about MSc scholarships

Response to planned sale of former cement works site containing geothermal boreholes

Researchers looking at the future potential of geothermal energy today said they hoped that any new owners of a key County Durham site would continue to explore its research and development potential.



(26 Mar 2015) » More about Response to planned sale of former cement works site containing geothermal boreholes

Whatever happened to the great European fracking boom?

Dr Liam Herringshaw in The Conversation explores why the European shale gas boom has not materialised in the way that some were predicting.

(11 Mar 2015) » More about European fracking boom?

CCS technology ripe for debate among UK geologists

Prof Jon Gluyas (CeREES) opened a Question Time style debate at Edinburgh University, with an overview of CCS progress and an analysis of its strengths and weaknesses as a climate change technology.

(3 Feb 2015) » More about CCS debate

MPs call for a suspension on fracking in the UK – CeREES / DEI response

Today the Environmental Audit Committee will call for a moratorium on shale gas fracking and an amendment to the Infrastructure Bill. They cite climate targets as well as ‘huge uncertainties around the impact that fracking could have on water supplies, air quality and public health’.

(26 Jan 2015) » More about Fracking suspension call

Beyond the pipelines

Professor Gavin Bridge, Department of Geography, argues that the globalisation of the gas industry through the increased use of liquified natural gas (LNG) is not without risk. The capacity to import more gas makes the UK more resilient. Yet it also introduces new uncertainties and vulnerabilities.

(20 Jan 2015) » More about Beyond the pipelines

New consortium meets in Delhi to discuss future of energy security

The High Energy and Power Density Solutions to Large Energy Deficits (HEAPD) research consortium, for which Durham is a partner, recently met in Delhi to kick-start their project, which looks to address the global issue of energy security.

(20 Jan 2015) » More about HEAPD launch meeting

Simon Hogg comments on Telegraph article ‘Wind farms paid £1m a week to switch off’

Simon Hogg responds to the Sunday Telegraph article on government
payments to wind companies to keep turbines switched off which aim to regulate electricity supplied to National Grid.

(6 Jan 2015) » More about Wind farm constraint payments

Shaping the future of aviation

More than 1,000 aircraft carrying passengers all over the world have more efficient engines, saving fuel and causing less pollution, as a result of turbine technology developed at Durham University.


(19 Dec 2014) » More about shaping the future of aviation

Clearer picture needed if UK intends to develop its shale gas resource

A clearer picture of the UK’s geology is needed if it is to develop its shale gas resource, a Durham University expert has said.

Professor Andy Aplin, Professor of Unconventional Petroleum in the Department of Earth Sciences, was commenting after Chancellor George Osborne announced during his Autumn Statement that the Government was taking steps “to ensure that the UK leads the way with shale gas regulation”.

(4 Dec 2014) » More about UK Shale Gas

Workshop on grid infrastructure and public acceptance in London

Photo: Famartin. (CC BY-SA 3.0).

Participants from across Europe met to discuss the challenges of gaining public consent for grid infrastructure. The workshop marks the end of the SusGrid project - a collaboration between the Norwegian research center CEDREN, University of
Exeter and Durham University's Professor Tooraj Jamasb and Wenche Tobiasson.

(1 Dec 2014) » More about Grid infrastructure and public acceptance

DEI Director appointed as new DONG Energy Chair of Renewable Energy

Prof Simon Hogg

Professor Simon Hogg of Durham Energy Institute has been appointed as the new DONG Energy Chair of Renewable Energy at Durham University.

(20 Nov 2014) » More about DONG Energy Chair

Gas can be a bridge to a low carbon future, new research says

Gas could play an important role as a ‘bridging fuel’ to a low carbon economy, according to new UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) research co-authored by DEIs Professor Gavin Bridge.

(12 Nov 2014) » More about Gas as bridge to a low carbon future

Andy Aplin quoted on air pollution found around oil and gas wells in the US in Telegraph and Independent.

On Thursday 30 October the journal Environmental Health reported that dangerously high levels of cancer-causing chemicals have been discovered in the air around “fracking” sites in the United States. The study was led by David Carpenter from the University at Albany in New York. Prof Andrew Aplin responded through the Science Media Centre.

(31 Oct 2014) » More about Air pollution in US fracking sites

The Journal article on Durham's Geothermal research

Source: The Journal

As the energy debate hots up, North East experts have outlined how the UK could tap into a clean supply deep beneath the ground. They were speaking at a London conference yesterday on geothermal energy organised by EGS Energy Ltd and a partnership managed at Durham University.

(20 Oct 2014) » More about The Journal article on Durham's Geothermal research

London geothermal energy symposium set to highlight growing momentum in the UK Geothermal Industry

The generation of geothermal heat and power will be the topic of a conference organised jointly by the BritGeothermal Research Partnership managed at Durham University and the Geothermal Energy Company, EGS Energy Ltd.

(7 Oct 2014) » More about London geothermal energy symposium set to highlight growing momentum in the UK Geothermal Industry

Durham Energy Institute delighted to become a member of NOF Energy.

Based in the North East, NOF Energy is an umbrella body for organisations working in the oil, gas, nuclear and offshore renewables sectors. Its membership includes; UK and international companies; Clients, Manufacturers, service providers and professional service companies and like-minded membership organisations in the energy sector based overseas.

(26 Sep 2014) » More about Durham Energy Institute delighted to become a member of NOF Energy.

New video of Elect Your Energy Future political debate

DEUI's Centre for Doctoral Training in Energy

Durham CDT and Energy Institute hosted a political debate on energy policy in August. If you missed the event you can now read the review, watch the video, and listen to the BBC radio interviews of the event on

Find out about other events held by DEI in our past events pages and our upcoming events on our events listing.

You can watch videos about DEI expertise, our debates, lectures and projects on our Video Resource webpage.

(26 Sep 2014)

How can successful power development be achieved in Ghana?

Read the excellent blog written last week by Simon Bawakyillenuo as part of the DEI associated project Green Growth Diagnostics for Africa. The article on Globalisation and Development blog explores whether Ghana’s $498 Power Compact deal with the US will be enough to bring about much needed transformation to its energy sector.

(29 Aug 2014) » More about Power development in Ghana

Customers will change routines in return for lower electricity bills

The Customer-Led Network Revolution (CLNR), has published its findings from one of the largest qualitative studies of consumer energy electricity use recorded. A new video has also been released about engaging customers in the smart grid.

(4 Jul 2014) » More about Latest CLNR Social findings

Energy storage and its place in the low carbon future

A new video which documents the ambitious 24-month undertaking by Northern Powergrid to specify, procure, install and commission six energy storage devices across live electricity networks in the North of England is available to watch on YouTube.

(4 Jul 2014) » More about New CLNR video

Heather could be UK energy source

Harvesting energy from heather could cut greenhouse gas emissions and
help the UK meet its bioenergy targets, according to new research by experts at
Durham and Manchester Universities

Heather grows naturally throughout the UK’s uplands, but land managers often
burn it back to create better feeding grounds for grouse and livestock. The study, published in the journal ‘Biomass and Bioenergy’, says this releases energy equivalent to burning 36,000 tonnes of coal every year.

(3 Jul 2014) » More about Heather could be UK energy source

Midland Valley shale resource will not affect UK’s dependency on overseas oil and gas

The amounts of oil and gas that might be extracted from shales in the Midland Valley of Scotland are unlikely to make a significant difference to the UK’s dependency on overseas supplies, according to a Durham University scientist.

(30 Jun 2014) » More about Midland Valley shale resource will not affect UK’s dependency on overseas oil and gas

Research finds fracking would increase water radioactivity but would not pose a threat to public health

ReFINE (Researching Fracking in Europe), an independent research consortium focusing on the issue of shale gas and oil exploitation using fracking methods, has published a research paper on naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) in flowback water (1) (2).

(25 Jun 2014) » More about Water radioactivity from fracking

Energy Minister visits Durham University project to combat climate change

Energy Minister Michael Fallon has visited an innovative Durham Energy Institute project aimed at cutting the cost of fighting climate change and radically reducing carbon emissions. The Durham and Sheffield universities-led Muon Tomography project, based at Boulby Underground Laboratory, at Boulby Mine on Teesside, is developing devices which use subatomic particles known as muons to monitor the stored CO2.  

(16 Jun 2014) » More about Energy Minister visits Durham University project to combat climate change

Durham academics at forefront of debate about future of energy

Academics from Durham Energy Institute and Durham University
Business School led a round of lively discussions about the future of large scale energy projects, their financial impacts and sustainability at a recent event in London.

(5 Jun 2014) » More about Durham academics at forefront of debate about future of energy

Oil and gas training centre welcomes £1m industry investment

Six of the oil industry’s biggest names have confirmed additional funding support for the new Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Oil and Gas in which Durham University is a core partner.

(28 May 2014) » More about Oil and gas training centre welcomes £1m industry investment

Bio energy poster Success: From Warwick to Brazil!

At the recent Dalton 2014 Royal Society meeting, Chemistry PhD student, Jack Rowbotham won awards for his bio-energy poster and will be representing the UK in a meeting Brazil in August.



(30 Apr 2014) » More about Bio energy poster Success: From Warwick to Brazil!

Benj Sykes, DEI Advisory Board member, announced as new co-chair of OWIC

DONG Energy Wind Power’s Country manager, Benj Sykes, was today announced as the new co-chair of the Offshore Wind Industry Council (OWIC) by Business and Energy Minister, the Rt. Hon Michael Fallon MP, who also co-chairs the group. Benj is a member of the DEI Advisory Board and DEI development Board and was recently a panellist in the DEI-DONG Energy debate 'Will the lights really got out?'.

(22 Apr 2014) » More about OWIC

Social stats give insight into customer flexibility

Professor Harriet Bulkeley discusses how the data emerging from the CLNR smart grid project is providing insights into customer flexibility.

Durham University and National Energy Action have conducted more than 1,250 residential and 150 SME online customer surveys and around 250 indepth, in-home interviews, to produce one of the largest studies of consumer energy practices ever recorded.

The surveys have highlighted that for many people, knowing more about their energy use through smart meters is a key tool in managing their household budget and having a greater sense of control.

(22 Apr 2014) » More about Social stats give insight into customer flexibility

DEI experts respond to IPCC Mitigation of Climate Change report

DEI welcomes the report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Climate Change 2014: Mitigation of Climate Change published on 13 April. The Working Group 3 report – the third and final volume in the current IPCC Fifth Assessment Report – assesses the options for mitigating climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

(15 Apr 2014) » More about IPCC mitigation report

Talking to Parliament about Hydraulic Fracturing

ReFINE project leader Richard Davies today presented to the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee Meeting on Hydraulic Fracturing. The presentation covered hydraulic fracture height, induced seismicity, and the potential of wells to leak.
On the issue of well leakage, Prof. Davies recommended that data on monitoring of active wells be made publicly available and that a monitoring programme should be put in place to assess any potential leakage from abandoned wells.

Listen to Prof Davies Talk

(8 Apr 2014)

Research shows that well leakage is an issue for shale exploitation

ReFINE (Researching Fracking in Europe), an independent research consortium focusing on the issue of shale gas and oil exploitation using fracking methods, has today published a research paper on well barrier and integrity failure.

(25 Mar 2014) » More about Shale exploitation well leakage

Durham's Geothermal research goes to DECC

Dr Charlotte Adams (Earth Sciences and CeREES) met with DECC on 27th March to discuss the BritGeothermal Research Partnership and also to discuss the potential of the UK deep geothermal resource. During the meeting they were asked what they would do if they were DECC with respect to geothermal. They highlighted the importance of promoting heat only systems, funding more deep drilling and making deep well data more freely available and accessible.

Find out more about Durham's Geothermal research.

(18 Mar 2014) » More about Geothermal research

BP Bursary

The BP Bursary call has now closed and the available funds have been allocated in full. DEI hope to be able to run a similar scheme in future, should funding be available.

(10 Mar 2014)

Professor Simon Hogg appointed new Executive Director for DEI

Durham Energy Institute is pleased to announce that Professor Simon Hogg has been appointed DEI Executive Director. Simon has extensive experience of leading interdisciplinary research in both industry and university environments. He is joined by a newly strengthened executive team which represents a number of different disciplines from the sciences and social sciences at Durham University. 

(7 Mar 2014) » More about Prof Hogg New DEI Director

Prof Andy Aplin warns extracting shale gas in North West will mean massive increase in wells

Andy Aplin, Professor of Unconventional Petroleum in the Department of Earth Sciences at CeREES and DEI, spoke to the Shale UK conference on 4 to 5 March. A number of news outlets reported on his comments in response to the recent increase in Cuadrilla estimates of shale gas resources in the North West.

(6 Mar 2014) » More about Shale Gas in North West

Benj Sykes (DONG Energy UK) – how offshore wind will help the UK keep the lights on

On Thursday evening, Benj Sykes from DONG Energy’s UK Country Manager for Wind Power, will be part of a panel debate at Durham Energy Institute discussing whether the UK can keep the lights on. Here he explains part of his opening arguments around offshore wind, one of DONG Energy’s key business areas and how the technology will contribute to UK energy security in the future.

(4 Mar 2014) » More about Offshore wind keeping the lights on

Extra three to eight billion barrels of oil could be extracted from the North Sea oilfields, Durham University expert says

Professor Jon Gluyas, head of the department of Earth sciences, speaks to the Northern Echo about the billions of barrels of oil that could be extracted from the North Sea if significant investment was made.

(3 Mar 2014) » More about Extra oil could be extracted

Will the lights really go out – a public debate on one of the UK’s big challenges

On Thursday 6 March, a panel of experts will meet at Durham University to debate whether the UK is facing widespread blackouts in the next decade.

The event, a collaboration between Durham’s Energy Institute (DEI) and DONG Energy will be open to the public who will be able to ask questions and debate the issues with the panel. 

(3 Mar 2014) » More about Will the lights really go out – a public debate on one of the UK’s big challenges

Launch of new project – Green Growth Diagnostics for Africa

A new EPSRC funded project Green Growth Diagnostics for Africa which looks at how to achieve inclusive green growth in Africa was launched last week. The kick-off meeting for the project saw partners Durham University, Institute of Development Studies, ISSER, KIPPRA, and The Policy Practice gather to discuss the methodological challenges of the project.

Here Ana Pueyo, Principal Investigator for the project, discusses renewable energy investments in Sub-Saharan Africa and how the project will support policymakers to achieve inclusive green growth.

(27 Feb 2014) » More about Green Growth Diagnostics

Prof Jon Gluyas Response to DECC blog 'CCS – a great opportunity for the UK'

Professor Jon Gluyas of Durham Energy Institute's Policy Futures Group responded to the DECC blog in which Edward Davey highlighted the great opportunity presented by CCS for the UK.

(25 Feb 2014) » More about CCS opportunity

CLNR Smart Grid project in utility Weekly

A feature article by Ian Lloyd, CLNR’s Network Technology Project Manager, appears in this week’s Utility Week magazine. Ian gives an update on the progress of our electrical energy storage (EES) trials and explains how the work being done will enable distributors to better understand how, when and where EES can bring value to customers.

You can read the article on the Utility Week website here

(10 Feb 2014)

Ian Marchant speaks at Durham Energy Institute

Ian Marchant

Durham Alumni, Ian Marchant, spoke on Thursday 6 February at the Durham Energy Institute on his vision of a UK Energy Future. His talk addressed some of the key energy problems we are currently facing including high domestic energy bills, a growing lack of trust in the energy industry and the decision on what mix of energy sources we should be investing in for the future. His talk provoked many questions and interesting discussion from the mixed audience of students, academics, and representatives from the energy industry and third sector.

A video of the event will be available shortly. 

(10 Feb 2014) » More about Ian Marchant talk

Customer Led Network Revolution appears in Financial Times

An article on the CLNR project appeared on the Financial Times website, in a feature entitled ‘Innovation in Energy’. You can read the article ‘UK’s CLNR tests low-carbon power grids’ (By Chris Tighe) at the Financial Times.

(3 Feb 2014) » More about CLNR in Financial Times

Prof Bob Holdsworth appointed to NERC Knowledge Exchange Advisory Board

Prof Bob Holdsworth from the Department of Earth Sciences has been appointed as a Member of the NERC Knowledge Exchange Advisory Board. The appointment emerges from Prof Holdsworth’s work with NERC in a Knowledge Exchange Fellowship on behalf of the DEI and IHRR. 

(30 Jan 2014) » More about NERC Knowledge Exchange

Energy research partnership launched between Durham University and the London Borough of Haringey

Durham University and the London Borough of Haringey have today launched a pioneering research partnership that will see them working together to drive economic growth and tackle climate change.

(23 Jan 2014) » More about Haringey partnership

Is fracking safe? Examining the impact of fracking in the UK

The work of Durham Energy Institute’s ReFINE consortium was on Channel 4 News and in Newcastle Journal last week. With Prime Minster David Cameron signalling the Government's intent to go all out for shale gas, an examination is underway of whether there is evidence to support the safety concerns of its opponents and what the possible financial benefits of fracking might be.

(21 Jan 2014) » More about Is fracking safe?

Durham University awarded funding from NERC for specialist research equipment

The NERC funding will enable CeREES and ReFINE to purchase specialist equipment to identify and quantify greenhouse gas emissions at fracking sites and to undertake research sustainable use of natural resources.

(16 Jan 2014) » More about NERC funding for equipment

New Oil and Gas training centre supports growth with responsible environmental management in energy sector

Durham University is a core partner in a new £8m training centre aimed at helping the oil and gas sector put environmental science at the heart of responsible management of the planet. The new Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT), funded by NERC and led by Heriot-Watt University, will focus on creating a highly skilled workforce with expertise that can be used across the wider energy and environmental sectors, as well as filling skills gaps in the oil and gas sector. Prof Aplin of CeREES and DEI is Durham’s academic lead for the CDT.

(2 Dec 2013) » More about Oil and Gas CDT

Dr Kalyan S. Perumalla announced as IAS visiting fellow

Durham's Institute for Advance Studies has announced next year's visiting fellows.

Dr Perumalla is a world leading expert on distributed simulation of very large scale complex systems to study emergent properties. He was the winner of a prestigious US Dept. of Energy Career Award and is at the forefront of technological developments in novel technologies to analyse emergent behaviours at a very large scale using cutting edge computational infrastructures.


(28 Nov 2013) » More about Dr Kalyan S. Perumalla announced as IAS visiting fellow

ReFINE research consortium into shale gas and oil exploitation is launched

7th November 2013, London 

ReFINE (Researching Fracking in Europe), a DEI led, independent research consortium focusing on the issue of shale gas and oil exploitation using fracking methods, has its official launch today.

(7 Nov 2013) » More about DEI Led ReFINE Consortium launched

Funding call for DEI Impact Acceleration Account

The DEI has been granted a fund of £60,000 through the Building Bridges Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) Scheme to enhance the impact of its interdisciplinary research. An initial call for applications for this funding closes on 29 November. 

(24 Oct 2013) » More about Funding call for DEI Impact Acceleration Account

How many wells do you want to drill? Davies gives evidence to Select Committee on Shale Gas Extraction in Wales

The DEI's Professor Richard Davies emphasised that “You have to ask how many wells you are willing to drill. You need a lot of wells to produce an equivalent amount of gas that you would have got from North Sea"

(23 Oct 2013) » More about Shale Gas in Wales

A few places still available for CDT in Energy Top-Up Awards

A call for applications to the Centre for Doctoral Training in Energy at Durham. Places are available for students who will be starting their PhD between October and January 2013 on an energy related area, preferably of multidisciplinary nature, and who already have full funding for their PhD. Successful applicants will receive an extra six months fees and stipend to extend their period of study.

(21 Oct 2013) » More about A few places still available for CDT in Energy Top-Up Awards

Durham in top 20 research centres for impact in Offshore Wind, Energy Storage, and Oil and Gas

The final report of Sir Andrew Witty’s Review into ‘Universities and Growth: Encouraging a British Invention Revolution’ was released last week. Durham was recognised as within the top 20 research centres for the key Industrial Strategy sectors of Offshore wind, Energy Storage and Oil and Gas.

(21 Oct 2013) » More about Durham in top 20 research centres for impact in Offshore Wind, Energy Storage, and Oil and Gas

Times Higher Education: Industry's vital fuel for academic engine

Prof Richard Davies' response to to an article by Cary Nelson on fracking research was the lead letter in Times Higher Education (print and online). Read the full letter here. 

(12 Oct 2013) » More about Industry's vital fuel for academic engine

Fracking and the North East

The subject of fracking, its promises and dangers, has been in the media again this week and the DEI’s Professor Richard Davies was on hand to discuss the evidence.

(8 Oct 2013) » More about Fracking and the North East

Advanced Apprentice position at DEI

Closing date: 15-10-2013

The Advanced Apprentice will join DEI and CeREES Centre for Geoenergy and will work with the existing administrative team in a Grade 1 post.

(7 Oct 2013) » More about Advanced Apprentice position at DEI

Cost holds back carbon capture storage projects

Prof Jon Gluyas, Dong/Ikon chair in Geoenergy Carbon Capture & Storage at Durham University discusses Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) with The Journal.

(7 Oct 2013) » More about Cost holds back carbon capture storage projects

DEI PhD, Mid and Early Career Fellows (Non-Stipendiary) open to Durham Staff and PhD students

Closing date for applications: 14-10-2013 at 16:00 (GMT)

DEI is looking to appoint 2-4 non-stipendiary Fellows to follow the appointment of its new directors. Applicants from all disciplines across the sciences, social sciences and humanities are welcomed.

(7 Oct 2013) » More about DEI Fellows

Finding out Islander’s views on renewable energy

Seaweed on Isle of Man

An island-wide survey is currently under way in the Isle of Man exploring the attitudes and perceptions of residents towards different types of renewable energy projects. Dr Felicity Greenwell, one of the researchers, explains a little bit about the project

(7 Oct 2013) » More about Finding out Islander’s views on renewable energy

Carbon capture and storage to be monitored by cosmic rays

Oil Rig

BBC News discusses the promising potential of a technology being developed at Durham University to use cosmic rays to monitor CO2 storage sites.

(16 Sep 2013) » More about Muon Tomography

Dr Wilf Wilde in National Geographic

Dr Wilf Wilde, Director of DEI, interviewed by National Geographic discussed the likelihood of blackouts in the UK and the potential implications of this. He stated "consumers are more at risk from higher prices than blackouts,"

(5 Sep 2013)

DEI PhD Student awarded RSC Westminster Fellowship

Jack Rowbotham

Jack Rowbotham (PhD student, Chemistry) has been awarded the RSC Westminster Fellowship. This award enables the student to work for three months in the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) with the responsibility of keeping members of both houses of parliament informed on matters of current scientific importance.

(4 Sep 2013) » More about RSC Westminster Fellowship

Prof Jon Gluyas discusses the opportunities presented by Enhanced Oil Recovery

Prof Jon Gluyas

DEI's Jon Gluyas, Professor of Geo Energy, explained to BBC Radio the opportunity presented by Enhanced Oil Recovery technologies being developed at Durham University which could add billions of barrels of oil to the nations dwindling resources.

(29 Aug 2013) » More about Prof Jon Gluyas discusses the opportunities presented by Enhanced Oil Recovery

Can solar energy help save Greece?

Renewable energy programs in Greece may be more relevant than ever since the financial crisis say DEI's Sandra Bell and Daniel Knight.

(16 Aug 2013) » More about Greek solar energy

Professor Janusz Bialek speaks on energy demand

Professor Janusz Bialek appeared on Saturday's lunchtime Sky news answering questions on offshore and onshore wind, skills shortages, UK and global energy demand and fracking.

Professor Bialek summarised our current energy challenges by stating "energy demand is good, it is the wasteful use of energy that is bad, we need to work on efficiency and cut down on energy wastage"


(7 Aug 2013)

Trigger behind Lusi mud volcano 'far simpler' expert says

Professor Richard Davies, Durham Energy Institute, comments on new research relating to the Lusi Mud Volcano in Indonesia

The trigger behind the Lusi mud volcano eruption in Indonesia “is far simpler” than an “elaborate earthquake trigger mechanism”, according to a Durham University scientist.

Professor Richard Davies, Durham Energy Institute, was commenting on research published in Nature Geoscience.

(25 Jul 2013) » More about Trigger behind Lusi mud volcano 'far simpler' expert says

Janusz Bialek appointed as DONG Energy Chair of Renewable Energy

DONG Energy

Professor Janusz Bialek of Durham Energy Institute has been appointed as the new DONG Energy Chair of Renewable Energy at Durham University. His research focuses on achieving a stable, secure, sustainable and economic supply of electricity while meeting the challenges of reducing CO2 emissions. The post is part of the growing collaboration between DONG Energy and Durham University in renewable energy research.

(16 Jul 2013) » More about DONG Energy Chair

Issue 2 of DEI Review magazine - out now!

DEI Review Magazine

Issue 2 of the DEI Review magazine is now available to view on-line. In this issue we have looked at New faces at the DEI; New MSc Energy and Society; Urban Climate Justice; Microgrids in Greece; Low Carbon Energy for Development; Local Action in Durham; Customer-Led Network Revolution; Universal Sustainable Habitat Development and Biofuels, Seaweed and Waste.

(8 Jul 2013) » More about Issue 2 of DEI Review magazine - out now!

BBC Radio 4 Today Programme interviews Professor Richard Davies

On the eve of the Government releasing information on how it wants communities to be rewarded if they are affected by fracking, and the publication of the Governments estimate of UK shale gas resources, the Today Programme interviewed the DEI’s Prof. Richard Davies. In response to optimistic claims by companies in the UK to the amount of available shale gas he urges caution, highlighting the difference between existing shale gas and the actual amount that can be effectively extracted.

(26 Jun 2013) » More about BBC Today interviews Prof Davies

CLNR regional stakeholder forum a resounding success

The Customer Led Network Revolution held a successful forum last month which brough together the project collaborators, including the Durham Energy Institute, and other stakeholders from the region, The event provided an overview of the project, insights into the methods and processes used, as well as the initial findings emerging from the project. A video of the event is now available.


(24 Jun 2013) » More about CLNR regional stakeholder forum a resounding success

DEI’s Christopher Davidson interviewed for Voice of America TV on the impact of the US ‘shale’ revolution on future relations with Saudi Arabia

Christopher Davidson, Reader in Middle East Politics at Durham University was interviewed by Voice of America TV for article 'US Oil Surge Could Impact Mideast Geopolitics’.

(17 Jun 2013) » More about US shale and Saudi Arabia

CLNR: The Journal and Energy Spectrum showcase DEI’s pioneering project which hopes to cut energy costs and carbon footprints.

Two new articles showcase the pioneering work being undertaken by Durham University and its partners in the Customer-Led Network Revolution and explore some of the early findings from the project.

(11 Jun 2013) » More about CLNR: Journal and Energy Spectrum

Smart meter roll-out: Professor Harriet Bulkeley gives expert evidence to the House of Commons Energy & Climate Change Committee

Professor Harriet Bulkeley gave evidence at the Energy and Climate Change Committee inquiry into Smart Meter Roll-out on Tuesday 14 May 2013 at the Palace of Westminster. Smart meters are due to be rolled out to homes and businesses across the UK between 2014 and 2019. The Committee’s inquiry explores DECC’s preparations for smart meter roll-out and some of the concerns that have been raised. The evidence provided to the Committee included some of the preliminary findings of the CLNR project. 

(11 Jun 2013) » More about Smart meter roll-out inquiry

Long term monitoring of UK Shale Gas wells essential

Shale Gas fracture image

In an interview on BBC News about UK Shale Gas reserves, Professor Davies stressed the importance of long term monitoring of the large amount of wells that are likely to be required in the UK.

(4 Jun 2013) » More about Shale Gas monitoring

CLNR regional stakeholder forum

The Customer Led Network Revolution held its regional stakeholder forum at the Centre for Life in Newcastle upon Tyne on 21st May. The DEI is a key collaborator in the project which is the UK’s biggest smart grid project.

(3 Jun 2013) » More about CLNR regional stakeholder forum

Will the lights go out on UK households? Professor Bialek speaks to the Newcastle Journal

Energy Storage

Professor Janusz Bialek, Chair of Electrical Power and Control at Durham University and a world-leading expert in energy infrastructure, spoke to the Newscatle Journal about whether UK households and businesses are really facing electricity blackouts in just a few years.

(25 May 2013) » More about UK lights out?

Prof. Davies invited to advise government on Unconventional Oil and Gas

The Right Honourable Dan Byles, MP, Chairman of the APPG Unconventional Oil and Gas has this week announced the membership of the newly formed advisory panel for this Group.


(17 May 2013) » More about Prof. Richard Davies has been invited to join the advisory panel for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Unconventional Oil and Gas

New bursaries available to New Energy and Society Masters students.

Durham University Department of Anthropology has announced that they are offering 10 postgraduate bursaries for Durham undergraduates wishing to take any of Anthropology Masters courses, including the new MSc Energy and Society. These bursaries will reduce fees by 10% and will be distributed on a first come first served basis.

If you are interested in applying for the a bursary contact

(12 May 2013)

DEI and Propsect Fracking event at the Royal Society

On 9 April 2013 DEI and Prospect Magazine co-hosted a public event at the Royal Society on “Fracking: science and scepticism. Perspectives from the US and the UK".

(10 Apr 2013) » More about DEI and Propsect Fracking event at the Royal Society

New fracking research led by Durham University finds it is “not significant” in causing earthquakes

Professor Richard Davies

A new study of hundreds of thousands of hydraulic fracturing (or “fracking”) operations has found that the process has only caused earth tremors that could be felt on the surface in three cases. Hydraulic fracturing is the method by which sedimentary rock is deliberately cracked to recover oil and gas, including shale gas.

(10 Apr 2013) » More about New fracking research led by Durham University finds it is “not significant” in causing earthquakes

Three major new projects have successfully secured funding through DEI funded trip to Nairobi…

Three major new grants have been awarded to Durham Energy Institute researchers through the EPSRC Energy and International Development call.

The three projects are: Green Growth Diagnostics for Africa; Supporting Sub-Saharan Africa's Municipalities with Sustainable Energy Transitions (SAMSET); and ESCoBox

(26 Mar 2013) » More about Three new projects secure EPSRC funding

Latest video update on the CLNR project

The lastest video update on the Customer-Led Network Revolution (CLNR) project has been uploaded to Youtube. CLNR is the UK's largest smartgrid project, involving 14,000 homes and businesses and with a budget of £54 million.

(15 Feb 2013) » More about CLNR youtube video update

DEI and Durham University Anthropology Department are launching a new Masters called 'Energy and Society'

Unique among Masters programmes, the new MSc in Energy and Society emphasizes the insights that the social sciences can offer to energy and development, and vice versa. It will be led by the Anthropology Department, in association with the Durham Energy Institute and its partner departments (including Engineering, Social Sciences and Humanities).

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DEI and Prospect roundtable event on The Future of the UK Energy Mix

Prospect Magazine

Prof Richard Davies of the DEI will be co-hosting a breakfast roundtable attended by the Rt Hon Ed Davey MP, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change on the 11th February. The focus of the breakfast event will be ‘The Future of the UK Energy Mix’,and will seek to engender debate between energy companies, academic experts and of course DECC regarding all the relevant energy platforms including oil & gas, solar power, wind, tidal and nuclear.

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Volunteers Wanted for Electric Vehicle Project at the DEI

Electric vehicle and DEI students

Researchers from the Durham Energy Institute (DEI) are looking for people who own or regularly use electric cars to be interviewed as part of a project looking into the prospect of homes producing their own power for household electric cars.

An article in the Journal by Tony Henderson (January 15) looks at the DEI project which will investigate the technical issues surrounding where and when people choose to charge their electric vehicles, and which micro-generation systems fit best with the demand from electric cars. The project involves a collaboration between Durham’s departments of engineering  and computing sciences and anthropology.

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New Statesman: ‘Will the UK’s largest smart grid project revolutionise energy policy?’

The New Statesman has published an article reviewing the 'pioneering smart grid project' the Customer Led Network Revolution, one of Durham Energy Institutes leading projects.


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DECC announces £647,441 funding to Durham-led consortium on ‘Carbon Storage Monitoring using Muon technology’

Diagram of the Boulby Deep Underground Science Facility

A Durham-led research consortium has won government and industry funding of over £1.4m to develop a novel and more cost effective technique for the continuous monitoring of future carbon capture and storage (CCS) sites for carbon dioxide (CO2) by using cosmic rays.

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Shale Gas: the debate continues. The DEI gives evidence to the Parliamentary Select Committee

Prof Richard Davies

Professor Richard Davies, Director of the Durham Energy Institute, gave evidence today at a The Parliamentary Select Committee on Energy and Climate Change in Westminster. This was the first evidence session held by the Committee on the ‘Impact of Shale Gas on Energy Markets’.

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Podcast of Sustainable Energy TalkScience Debate at British Library

TalkScience Energy debate

Professor Phil Taylor joined a panel of experts for a dynamic discussion around the energy mix of the future at the TalkScience@BL debate on the 23 October. Podcast of the TalkScience debate is now available to download on the British library website.


The debate, entitled "Sustainable energy for the 21st century: Can we ensure a bright future?", addressed issues such as:

  • why our current energy supply situation is unsustainable;
  • the role of behavioural change;
  • the capability of technology to provide a sustainable energy future, and
  • whether it will be possible to achieve the Government's energy targets without resorting to fossil fuels or nuclear power.

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Durham Energy Institute funds 10 new interdisciplinary Energy projects

DEI Rose

In October Durham Energy Institute awarded £90,000 towards interdisciplinary Energy related projects. The DEI small grant scheme aims to develop Durham University’s interdisciplinary research capacity and to enhance the external representation of the ground-breaking research being undertaken on Energy technology.


The 18 projects funded represent cutting-edge research which is interdisciplinary across the social sciences and sciences with successful cross-departmental applications from Durham University departments of Anthropology, Physics, Geography, Biology, Engineering, Archaeology, Earth Sciences, Mathematics and the School of Economics, Finance and Business. The funding helps to achieve one of the key goals of the DEI to encourage radical interdisciplinarity in Energy-related research.

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Durham University energy students to test electric car in 600-mile road trip

DEI Electric Vehicle

Two Durham University students are to drive an electric car on a 600-mile round trip to Cardiff and back to demonstrate the possibilities of Smart Grid power and low carbon electricity.


Smart Grids are advanced electricity networks  that intelligently integrate the requirements of all connected users - generators, consumers and those that do both – to efficiently deliver sustainable, economic and secure low-carbon electricity.

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Durham Energy Institute wins sponsorship for renewable energy research

Signing of Energy Sponsorship Agreement with DONG Energy

A leading offshore windfarm developer is to sponsor renewable energy research at Durham University. DONG Energy is to sponsor a renewable energy chair at the university's Durham Energy Institute (DEI) for the next eight years.


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