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Durham University

Durham Energy Institute


Earth, Wind and Fire – DEI response to the IPPC report

(10 October 2018)

The most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report (SR1.5, issued 7th October 2018) forecasts doom for Earth as we know it if should we fail to curb CO2 emissions NOW. The UK must play its full part in the process of emissions reduction. A zero-carbon economy needs to be created almost immediately. The next few years will be critical, and responding to climate change must be the top priority, far more so than obsession on Brexit, concerns about terrorism or worries about pandemics.

Research within Durham Energy Institute undertaken since its formation almost 10 years ago has demonstrated many times over that absent of burning coal, oil and natural gas the UK can warm, light and power itself renewably and sustainability using the heat of the Earth and energy from the sun, wind, and water. The UK also has a huge resource base for capturing and burying (deep beneath the North Sea) carbon dioxide rather than releasing into the atmosphere. The technologies are well advanced, not magical 'energy unicorns', we just need to push ahead and implement it. Links below give more details on using the UK's Earth, Wind and Fire to decarbonise our society: