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Durham University

Durham Energy Institute


Fuel Cells Get Cool

(21 August 2015)

Grey clouds represent the pathways of oxide ion migration through the crystal structure of V-doped Bi2O3

Work from Ivana Evans’ group on materials for solid oxide fuel cells has been highlighted in the Institut Laue Langevin’s report “Neutrons and Energy 2015

The article on P8 of the brochure describes experimental and computational studies on materials which show high oxide ion conductivities at low temperature. These properties are needed for solid oxide fuel cells which convert chemical energy directly to electrical energy. The work is a collaboration between EPSRC-funded postdocs Xiaojun Kuang and Julia Payne at Durham Chemistry with colleagues in France and Australia. Part of the work was done by Durham undergraduates Jim Madge and James Farrell during summer research internships at the ILL in Grenoble.