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Prof Jon Gluyas Response to DECC blog 'CCS – a great opportunity for the UK'

(25 February 2014)

Professor Jon Gluyas of Durham Energy Institute's Policy Futures Group responded to the DECC blog in which Edward Davey highlighted the great opportunity presented by CCS for the UK.

Jon Gluyas, Professor in CCS and Geo-Energy in the Department of Earth Sciences said:

“I am very pleased to see Ed Davey and the Government recognising the huge potential of Carbon Capture and Storage for low carbon energy and the economy. However the statement does not go far enough. It is crucial we capitalise on the opportunity to combine CCS with enhanced oil recovery (CO2-EOR). Not only will this produce revenue but will also develop our understanding of how to store carbon dioxide in the subsurface. This approach could add 3 to 8 billion barrels to the UK economy which would be a huge boost to both revenue and energy security.”

Prof Gluyas is currently working on developing technology to monitoring carbon stores. See BBC ‘Carbon Capture and Storage to Monitored by cosmic rays’

Watch a video of Prof Gluyas discussing Enhanced Oil Recovery at

Prof Jon Gluyas also commented on Alex Salmond’s response on the Governmnet CCS position:

“I agree with Alex Salmond that the Miller project which was planned 10 years ago was a huge lost opportunity for both storage and enhanced oil recovery.”

Mr Salmond in his statement stressed that this project should now go ahead.