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Durham University

Durham Energy Institute

Past Events

Find out about some of the previous events held by Durham Energy Institute:

CESI ESI Workshop: What is Energy Systems Integration for?

27th September 2018, 10:00 to 16:00, Kingsley Barrett Room, Calman Learning Centre, Durham University, DH1 3LE, Simone Abram, Gordon MacKerron, Claire Copeland & Antti Silvast

This workshop will ask what Energy Systems Integration is for, drawing together key interdisciplinary research insights on system integration questions.

Research into ESI has been largely focused on the technical aspects of integration within the energy system. In so doing, we contend that it has sidestepped important questions, such as the potential rebound effects in energy efficiency leading to missed targets, or exploitation of consumers through imbalanced market powers. There is the potential too for higher systemic risks due to increased complexity and interdependencies in such an energy system. In order to achieve and maintain ESI therefore, a wider range of aspects demand attention: these range from equity and justice issues to economic principles and governance of ESI and user appropriation processes.

This workshop will explore these broader aspects, by taking a more holistic and interdisciplinary perspective on ESI. It will include a panel discussion drawing on high-level expertise.

Discussion Topics

The following issues have been identified for exploration at the workshop:

  • Vertical and horizontal integration
  • Trilemma as an energy policy evaluation tool
  • Energy service efficiency and its distribution
  • Control
  • Integrated energy markets


The Calman Learning Centre is on Durham University's City Campus. For directions, please see the map here.

Further information

A position paper and detailed timetable, identifying guest speakers will be circulated before the workshop and the organisers aim to develop this into a working paper after the workshop. For more detailed information on the workshop, see CESI ESI Workshop PDF 83.14 KB.


Simone Abram Gordon MacKerron Claire Copeland Antti Silvast

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