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Past Events

Find out about some of the previous events held by Durham Energy Institute:

DEI Seminar Series: Utility of the Future: How Technological Innovations in Distributed Energy Resources will Reshape the Future of the Power Sector

12th October 2015, 13:00 to 14:00, Anne Galbraith Board Room, Palatine Centre, Durham University, Dr Fereidoon Sioshansi

The electric power industry is fundamentally changing on a number of dimensions including generation, transmission, distribution and, most importantly, on the customer end.

While the pace of change has accelerated along the industry’s long value chain, it is most pronounced in distributed energy resources – which includes energy efficiency improvements plus distributed generation. The former allows consumers to use less; the latter allows them to generate more of what they need.


For the first time in history, consumers in high retail tariff regions are able to meet most if not all their service needs through self-generation at costs that are on par or lower than the grid-supplied electricity, a phenomenon that is likely to spread as the cost of distributed generation continues to fall while the cost of grid-supplied electricity is projected to rise.


Along with other rapid technological advances it points to a different future with a different roles for stakeholders in the power sector, particularly for the distribution business.


Dr Sioshansi is President of Menlo Energy Economics, a consulting firm in San Francisco and the editor and publisher of EEnergy Informer, a monthly newsletter with international circulation

His professional experience includes Southern California Edison Company (SCE), the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), National Economic Research Associates (NERA), and most recently, Ventyx, now part of ABB.

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