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Durham University

Durham Energy Institute

Past Events

Find out about some of the previous events held by Durham Energy Institute:

Energy: Contexts and Challenges.

Collingwood College, Durham

This four day course brings together leading experts to assess today’s energy challenges in different contexts.

This four day course brings together leading experts to assess today’s energy challenges in different contexts. From global geo-histories of energy and energy transitions to human eco-biology and resource engineering, we look at energy from a range of different perspectives. With presentations from leading experts at Durham University, this will effectively be a series of masterclasses in energy contexts and challenges. Contents include:

  1. global geo-histories of energy using archaeologies and histories of energy to highlight changing concepts of natural and ‘unnatural’ energy;
  2. contemporary political economies of energy, global political issues, energy as a geopolitical tool, energy wars and energy transitions;
  3. social, political, economic, scientific and technological challenges facing societies today, interconnections in global energy and climate change contexts.


Daily programme

Monday November 4th:

Introducing the Durham Energy Institute

Key issues in energy and climate change (Prof. Harriet Bulkely)

Resource scarcity and oil politics (Prof. Gavin Bridge)


Tuesday November 5th

Middle East Politics and Energy (Dr. Christopher Davidson)
Pro-poor sustainable energy (Dr. Ben Campbell)

Post-Soviet/Asian energy politics (Prof. Catherine Alexander)

Wednesday November 6th

Macro-histories of human-energy development (Prof. Bob Layton)

Future technologies: Geothermals and ‘unconventionals’ (Prof Jon Gluyas)

Special Guest Lecture: ‘Beyond hardware financing: Pro-poor pathways in low carbon development - insights from the solar home systems market in Kenya.’ Dr Rob Byrne, Dr David Ockwell (Science Policy Research Unit, Sussex University)

Thursday November 7th

‘Coal Day’: An interactive study day on Coal, including afternoon walking tour in and around Durham, led by Dr Sandra Bell.

Booking details:

Whole week Nov 4-7 inclusive: £180 (Concessions £80)

Day rate (specify day): £50 (concessions £20)

Contact for more information about this event.