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Durham Energy Institute

Secure our energy future campaign

We have the energy to change the World!

Imagine a world in which electricity blackouts become frequent – no lights, cooking, mobile phone coverage or internet. This is the reality for people in many countries and could happen in the UK without a secure and sustainable energy mix.

Durham University’s research is directly addressing the risks associated with securing and delivering an affordable and sustainable future energy system for the UK and internationally as access to energy sources changes.

There are many challenges that need to be addressed in order to secure future supply, such as de-carbonising heat and transport, adequate energy storage, development of smart electricity and gas systems, adapting energy networks for bi-directional power flows for distributed generation, improved demand-management, the need for strategic long-term energy policies, changing geo-political energy relations, as well as the need to make better use of waste heat and heat networks etc.

Access to safe energy is fundamental to improving quality of life, creating economic growth and ending extreme poverty in our global communities around the world.

At present:

  • 1.3 billion people around the World live without access to electricity.
  • 2.9 billion rely on wood and other biomass to cook and heat their homes.
  • Around 3.5 million die every year due to inhaling smoke from stoves in the household
  • 6.5 million deaths worldwide are linked to air pollution
  • 4.5 million households in the UK, live in fuel poverty, unable to afford warm and dry homes.
  • And every year the rate of deaths related to cold weather increases.

To approach all these challenges, new research and technologies will prove absolutely essential.

Durham Energy Institute research is directly addressing the risks associated with this transformation for the UK and the World, working towards reducing energy costs by developing cheaper and efficient sources through solar, wind, bio-fuels, geothermal, nuclear, hydro and geo energies. Also researching key issues such as adequate energy storage, effective roll-out of smart electricity and gas systems, adapting energy networks for the bi-directional power flows needed for distributed generation and improved demand side management, as well as better use of waste heat and heat networks etc. DEI also supports communities to develop their own energy projects and works to engage industry to ensure the best outcomes for the public.

Few subjects impact as widely and deeply on industry and society as the production and distribution of energy, and by supporting research and future leaders at DEI .....

YOU have the power to sustain this bright future.