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Durham University

Durham University Evidence Centre for Education (DECE)

International Affiliates

The DECE's International Affiliates are working towards the same aims as those of the DECE: to improve evidence based educational practice at a baseline and grassroots level and to inform educational policy and practice through robust and ever-improving research. This page highlights some of the work that our International Affiliates are doing to make significant contributions to education in their countries.

Tiago Bartholo

Tiago Bartholo is an Assistant Professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - Post Graduation Program in Education. His research concerns the distribution of educational opportunities and the robust evaluation of educational programmes and policy - especially those that can break the cycle of poverty. He is also the Principal Investigator of iPIPS Brazil - Longitudinal Study About Children's Development (2017-18-19) and is a consultant for Carlos Chagas Foundation for monitoring early and primary education in public schools in Rio de Janeiro and Florianópolis, Brazil.

Professor Marcio da Costa

Marcio da Costa is an Associate Professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Since January 2017, he has had a leave of absence from the University and has been appointed as a Special Advisor for the Secretary of Education in Rio de Janeiro. He is currently Director of Teachers School at Rio de Janeiro Education Department (Diretor da Escola de Formação do Professor Carioca Paulo Freire; Secretaria Municipal de Educação da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro). See for more information.

Professor Marc Demuse

Psychologist and statistician, Marc Demeuse is a professor at the University of Mons (Belgium), in the department of psychology and educational sciences. He heads the schools Administration Institute and is involved in several projects and research networks at European level. He participated in producing the first European indicators for education quality and steered the development of a set of indicators of equity.

Cynthia Martínez-Garrido

Assistant Professor of Educational Research Methods at the School of Education at Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM, Spain). PhD in Educational Sciences. Member of the research group Educational Change for Social Justice (GICE) at UAM, the Iberoamerican School Effectiveness and Improvement Research Network (RINACE), and the Leadership and Improvement of Education Research Network (RILME). Editor of three journals of educational research: Iberoamerican Journal of School Quality, Improvement and Effectiveness (REICE), International Journal of Education for Social Justice (RIEJS), and Latin-American Journal of Inclusive Education. For further details of other publications and research reports see

Google scholar profile:

Professor Anthony (Eamonn) Kelly

Professor Anthony (Eamonn) Kelly is professor of educational psychology at George Mason University. Dr. Kelly is interested in the intersection of the creative space of innovative practices and where it meets the pruning function of research methods (i.e., design-based research). He is an active funded researcher, and was a Fulbright New Century Scholar (2009-2010) under the theme: "The university as an innovation driver and knowledge center for society." He also works to promote research intersecting mathematics cognition and cognitive neuroscience. He received an award in 2014 from NSF on: “Human subjects’ protections in the digital age.” He is serving as Senior Advisor at the National Science Foundation in the Education and Human Resources directorate ( since September 2014.

Baela Raza

Baela Raza Jamil is a public policy specialist and currently the Director of Programmes at Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA), the Director of the Institute for Professional Learning, a coordinator at the South Asia Forum for Education Development (SAFED) and a Managing Trustee at the Sanjan Nagar Public Education Trust. She is also affiliated with the Technical Advisory Group of the UN Secretary General’s Global Initiative on Education, the Advisory Board of the Global Monitoring Report, the Advisory Board Assessment at the UNESCO Institute of Statistics, the Pakistan Coalition for Education (PCE), BAICE, CIES, SAFED, ARNEC and ASBAE. In the past, she has served as Technical Adviser to the Ministry for Education. Her areas of expertise include education quality, community-based initiatives for education access, early childhood education, district education planning, local governance and public-private partnerships. Her academic experience includes degrees from the University of London, Rosemont College, Harvard University and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).

Follow her @itacec1

Professor Neil Selwyn

Neil Selwyn is a professor in the Faculty of Education at Monash University, Autralia. His research and teaching focuses on the place of digital media in everyday life, and the sociology of technology (non)use in educational settings. Neil has written extensively on a number of issues, including digital exclusion, education technology policymaking and the student experience of technology-based learning. Neil was editor of the journal 'Learning, Media and Technology' (2010-2016), and a regular keynote speaker at international conferences.