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Paper published in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience!

Dr. Tony Atkinson recently published a paper with colleagues in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. Congratulations!

Siqi-Liu, Audrey, Harris, Alison M., Atkinson, Anthony P. & Reed, Catherine L. (2018). Dissociable Processing of Emotional and Neutral Body Movements Revealed by μ-Alpha and Beta Rhythms. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience 12(4): 1269-1279.

Research visit to Chiba University, Japan


Dr. Maria Olkkonen visited Chiba University in Japan in December 2018 to further a collaboration with Dr. Toni Saarela from University of Helsinki and Prof. Yoko Mizokami from Chiba University. The collaboration is about studying color constancy with real stimuli under real illuminants. The visit was very successful in furthering the project, as can be seen from the image. Dr. Maria Olkkonen also gave an invited talk titled "Prior knowledge in color perception" in the Chiba Vision Science seminar on 7.1.2019.

Maria Olkkonen won the Hector Fellow Academy prize for her work in colour vision and gave the Hector Fellow Academy Prize Lecture at the Colour in Mind Conference held at the University of Tübingen on September 26th 2016.


Bob Kentridge gave invited talks on the relationship between sensation and perception in Buenos Ares and Turin in June and July 2016, was keynote speaker at the Mississippi Philosophical Association in March 2016 and was plenary speaker at the Joint Canadian Institute for Advanced Research & Japanese Neuroscience Society Meeting on The Origin of Consciousness inTokyo in September 2016.

Marko Nardini was invited lead speaker at the Rank Prize Symposium in April 2017, invited speaker at a workshop on Adaptive Brains and Machines at the University of Cambridge in July 2015, and keynote speaker at the Annual Scottish Vision Group conference in Troon, UK in March 2014.

Paige Scalf gave invited talks at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln and at the University of Illinois, Urbana, Department of Neurosciences both in March 2016.

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St. Lucy

CVVC members were interested to discover St. Lucy, the patron Saint of Vision.