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Centre for Sustainable Chemical Processes

The Centre for Sustainable Chemical Processes

 The Centre for Sustainable Chemical Processes

Centre for Sustainable Chemical Processes

"World-class Research for Innovation"


Welcome to Durham University's Centre for Sustainable Chemical Processes

  • The Centre for Sustainable Chemical Processes (CSCP) was founded in 2009 to address the need to integrate a resource-sustainable ethos into chemical research and development – both at the academic and industrial levels.
  • The Centre's members have collectively a wide range of unique synthetic expertise and know-how spanning organic, inorganic and process chemistry and catalysis.
  • CSCP brings together academic and industrial synthetic chemists from Durham University and the surrounding region under a single umbrella.
  • The Centre seeks actively to enable and support innovative new collaborations, information sharing, and to provide expertise in synthetic chemistry, hence opening new, exciting research opportunities
  • CSCP acts as a conduit facilitating and providing access to its unique specialist equipment and research facilities and those of its members.
  • The Centre aims to catalyse the long term development of new strategically important research initiatives via multidisciplinary projects.

CSCP Integrated Chemical Reaction Facility Launch 

Durham University 

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Durham University is announcing the launch of its £1.1M dedicated, state-of-the-art Integrated Chemical Reaction Facility (ICRF), a part of the Department of Chemistry’s Centre for Sustainable Chemical Processes (CSCP). The ICRF laboratory is custom-designed to support academic and industrial researchers by providing access to complex chemical process reactor systems and associated analytical instruments and facilities, enabling unique high pressure, high hazard, flow and parallel reactions to be undertaken in a controlled and safe environment. The ICRF provides not only access to world-class equipment, but also to expertise, advice and training from dedicated support staff, complemented by full access to the Department’s analytical facilities.

Launch Symposium 

ICRF Details

ICRF Research Manager - Dr Li Li

Contact Details

Department of Chemistry
Durham University
South Road
DH1 3LE, U.K.