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Centre for Particle Theory

CPT Seminars

In term-time, there is an active seminar programme covering aspects of particle physics research. These are arranged into weekly seminar series which are described below. In addition there are a number of working groups which get together more informally on a weekly basis.

The CPT colloquium

Tuesdays 17:00

This series is intended to be of interest to a wide audience. The talks are generally given by external speakers or new members of CPT and provide an accessible overview of an area. The colloquium is preceded by tea, coffee and biscuits.

Maths HEP Lunchtime Seminar

Fridays 13:00
These are specialised talks on a wide range of topics in Particle Theory. They are generally given by external speakers, and are held i the Maths Department.

Topological Solitons Seminar

Wednesdays 13:00

A series of seminars, given by external and internal speakers, focussing on areas related to topological solitons in Particle Physics. Held in the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

CPT Student Seminar

Mondays 17:00

A series of informal seminars, given by graduate students on various aspects of high energy theory. Held in IPPP, Physics Department.

IPPP Seminar

Thursdays 14:00

A series of talks given generally by external speakers on the phenomenology of particle physics and experiment.

IPPP Internal

Fridays 14:00

These are specialised talks on phenomenology given by internal speakers and visitors. The talks are held in the Physics Department.