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Centre for Particle Theory


The discovery of the holographic relation between conformal field theories and string theory on asymptotically anti-de Sitter spacetimes has revolutionised the study of both field theory and quantum gravity. The gravitational description provides a powerful approach to calculations in strongly-coupled field theory, and at the same time the field theory provides a fundamental definition of string theory in which we can seek to understand the description of quantum spacetime. Our group has made substantial contributions to both directions, including the extension of holography to new domains where the underlying symmetries are non-relativistic. Our research has two main focus areas: firstly applied holography, using holography as a tool to study the physics of strongly-coupled field theories, with a view to applications in both QCD and in condensed matter systems. Secondly, entanglement and holography, where the group has had a world-leading position in the development of the relation between minimal surfaces in the bulk and entanglement in the field theory. This relation provides a very important new insight into the structure of the holographic duality.

  1. Applied Holography
  2. Entanglement and geometry