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Durham University

Centre for Particle Theory

Research Staff

Publication details for Paul Heslop

Eden, Burkhard, Heslop, Paul, Korchemsky, Gregory P. & Sokatchev, Emery (2013). The super-correlator/super-amplitude duality: Part I. Nuclear Physics B 869(3): 329-377.

Author(s) from Durham


We extend the recently discovered duality between MHV amplitudes and the light-cone limit of correlation functions of a particular type of local scalar operators to generic non-MHV amplitudes in planar N=4 SYM theory. We consider the natural generalization of the bosonic correlators to super-correlators of stress-tensor multiplets and show, in a number of examples, that their light-cone limit exactly reproduces the square of the matching super-amplitudes. We show that the correlation function computed at Born level is dual to the tree-level amplitude if all of its points form a light-like polygon. If a subset of points are not on the light-like polygon but are integrated over, they become Lagrangian insertions generating the loop corrections to the correlator. In this case the duality with amplitudes holds at the level of the integrand. We build up the superspace formalism needed to formulate the duality and present the explicit example of the n-point NMHV tree amplitude as the dual of the lowest nilpotent level in the correlator.