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Durham University

Centre for Particle Theory

Research Staff

Publication details for Paul Heslop

Aprile, F., Drummond, J.M., Heslop, P. & Paul, H. (2020). One-loop amplitudes in AdS5×S5 supergravity from N = 4 SYM at strong coupling. Journal of High Energy Physics 2020(3): 190.

Author(s) from Durham


We explore the structure of maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills correlators
in the supergravity regime. We develop an algorithm to construct one-loop supergravity
amplitudes of four arbitrary Kaluza-Klein supergravity states, properly dualised into singleparticle operators. We illustrate this algorithm by constructing new explicit results for
multi-channel correlation functions, and we show that correlators which are degenerate at
tree level become distinguishable at one-loop. The algorithm contains a number of subtle
features which have not appeared until now. In particular, we address the presence of nontrivial low twist protected operators in the OPE that are crucial for obtaining the correct
one-loop results. Finally, we outline how the differential operators Dbpqrs and ∆(8), which
play a role in the context of the hidden 10d conformal symmetry at tree level, can be used
to reorganise our one-loop correlators