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Durham University

Centre for Particle Theory

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Publication details for Paul Heslop

Heslop, Paul & Lipstein, Arthur E. (2018). M-theory beyond the supergravity approximation. Journal of High Energy Physics 2018(2): 4.

Author(s) from Durham


We analyze the four-point function of stress-tensor multiplets for the 6d quantum field theory with OSp(8∗|4) symmetry which is conjectured to be dual to M-theory on AdS7 × S4, and deduce the leading correction to the tree-level supergravity prediction by obtaining a solution of the crossing equations in the large-N limit with the superconformal partial wave expansion truncated to operators with zero spin. This correction corresponds to the M-theoretic analogue of ℛ4 corrections in string theory. We also find solutions corresponding to higher-spin truncations, but they are subleading compared to the 1-loop supergravity prediction, which has yet to be calculated.