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Durham University

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Publication details for Mikael Chala

Chala, Mikael, Lenz, Alexander, Rusov, Aleksey V. & Scholtz, Jakub (2019). Delta ACP within the Standard Model and beyond. Journal of High Energy Physics 2019(7): 161.

Author(s) from Durham


In light of the recent LHCb observation of CP violation in the charm sector, we
review standard model (SM) predictions in the charm sector and in particular for ∆ACP.
We get as an upper bound in the SM |∆ASM
CP| ≤ 3.6 × 10−4
, which can be compared to
the measurement of ∆ALHCb2019
CP = (−15.4 ± 2.9) × 10−4
. We discuss resolving this tension
within an extension of the SM that includes a flavour violating Z
that couples only to ¯ss
and ¯cu. We show that for masses below 80 GeV and flavour violating coupling of the order
of 10−4
, this model can successfully resolve the tension and avoid constraints from dijet
searches, D0 − D
0 mixing and measurements of the Z width.