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Durham University

Centre for Particle Theory

Academic Staff

Steven Abel 43092 / 43534 CM214/OC306
Dr. Jeppe Rosenkrantz Andersen 43564 OC208
Simon Badger 43755 OC110
Peter Bowcock 43064 CM307
Mathew Bullimore 44162 CM236
Stefano Cremonesi 44155 CM245
Michele Del Zotto 43073 CM222
Aristomenis Donos 41536 CM235
Patrick Dorey 43070 CM323
Daniele Dorigoni 43121 CM218
Richard Keith Ellis 43621 OC104
Iñaki García Etxebarria 44164 CM224
Prof Nigel Glover 43602 OC301
Ruth Gregory 43761 CM326/OC207
Paul Heslop 43105 CM112
Nabil Iqbal 44163 CM240
Valentin [Valya] Khoze 43599 OC305
Frank Krauss 43751 OC201
Alexander Lenz 43814 OC121
Daniel Maitre 43653 OC206
Paul Mansfield 43104 CM210
Vasileios Niarchos 44161 CM238
Silvia Pascoli 43756 OC308
Professor Benjamin Pecjak 43749 OC204
Kasper Peeters 43113 CM311
Bernard Piette 43107 CM339 Contact Bernard Piette
Peter Richardson 43764 OC120
Simon Ross 43099 CM239
Douglas Smith 43120 CM237
Michael Spannowsky 43636 OC209
Paul Sutcliffe 43123 CM212a
Anne Taormina 43059 CM202
Balt van Rees 44154 CM244
Richard Ward 43118 CM226a Contact Richard Ward
Marija Zamaklar 43111 CM312