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Herzog, Christopher P., Rangamani, Mukund & Ross, Simon F. (2008). Heating up Galilean holography. Journal of High Energy Physics 2008(11): 080.

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We embed a holographic description of a quantum field theory with Galilean conformal invariance in string theory. The key observation is that such field theories may be realized as conventional superconformal field theories with a known string theory embedding, twisted by the R-symmetry in a light-like direction. Using the Null Melvin Twist, we construct the appropriate dual geometry and its non-extremal generalization. From the nonzero temperature solution we determine the equation of state. We also discuss the hydrodynamic regime of these non-relativistic plasmas and show that the shear viscosity to entropy density ratio takes the universal value η/s = 1/4π typical of strongly interacting field theories with gravity duals.