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Centre for Particle Theory

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Frank Krauss

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Professor in the Department of Physics

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Conference Paper

  • Alcaraz Maestre, J., Heinrich, G., Huston, J., Krauss, F., Maitre, D., Nurse, E., Pittau, R., Alioli, S., Andersen, J.R., Ball, R.D., Buckley, A., Cacciari, M., Campanario, F., Chanon, N., Chachamis, G., Ciulli, V., Cossutti, F., Cullen, G., Denner, A., Dittmaier, S., Fleischer, J., Frederix, R., Frixione, S., Gao, J., Garren, L., Gascon-Shotkin, S., Greiner, N., Guillet, J.P., Hapola, T., Hartland, N.P., Hesketh, G., Hirschi, V., Hoeth, H., Jezo, T., Kallweit, S., Kovarik, K., Kusina, A., Liang, Z., Lenzi, P., Lonnblad, L., Lopez-Villarejo, J.J., Luisoni, G., Maltoni, F., Mastrolia, P., Nadolsky, P.M., Oleari, C., Olness, F.I., Ossola, G., Pilon, E., Platzer, S., Pozzorini, S., Prestel, S., Re, E., Reiter, T., Riemann, T., Rojo, J., Salam, G.P., Sapeta, S., Schienbein, I., Schonherr, M., Schulz, H., Schulze, M., Schwoerer, M., Skands, P., Smillie, J.M., Somogyi, G., Soyez, G., Stavreva, T., Stewart, I.W., Stockton, M., Szor, Z., Tackmann, F.J., Torrielli, P., Tramontano, F., Tripiana, M., Trocsanyi, Z., Ubiali, M., Yundin, V., Weinzierl, S., Winter, J., Yu, J.Y. & Zapp, K. (2012), The SM and NLO Multileg and SM MC Working Groups: Summary Report, in Belanger, Genevieve, Boudjema, Fawzi, Guillet, Jean-Philippe & Pilon, Eric eds, 7th Les Houches Workshop on Physics at TeV Colliders. Les Houches, France, 1-220.
  • Hoche, Stefan, Krauss, Frank, Schonherr, Marek & Siegert, Frank (2010), Next-to-leading order matrix elements and truncated showers, in Diehl, M., Haller, J., Schorner-Sadenius, T. & Steinbruck, G. eds, 5th Conference, PLHC2010. Hamburg, Germany, 199-203.
  • Bartalini, P., Chekanov, S., Gieseke, S. & Krauss, F. (2009), Introduction to Monte Carlo models and Tools working group (WG5), in Jung, Hannes & De Roeck, Albert eds, DESY-PROC, 2009-02 2nd workshop on the implications of HERA for LHC physics. Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, Hamburg, 631-634.
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  • Z.Bern, S.Dittmaier, L.Dixon, G.Heinrich, J.Huston, B.Kersevan, Z.Kunszt, D.E.Soper, C.Bernicot, T.Binoth, F.Boudjema, R.Britto, J.Campbell, M.Czakon, A.Denner, G.Dissertori, G.Duplancic, R.K.Ellis, R.Frederix, T.Gehrmann, A.Gehrmann-De Ridder, W.T.Giele, E.W.N.Glover, J.P.Guillet, S.Kallweit, S.Karg, N.Kauer, D.A.Kosower, F.Krauss, N.D.Le, P.Mastrolia, A.Mitov, S.Moch, S.Odaka, G.Ossola, C.G.Papadopoulos, E.Pilon, R.Pittau, T.Reiter, G.Sanguinetti, S.Schumann, C.Schwinn, P.Z.Skands, H.Stenzel, P.Uwer, S.Weinzierl & G.Zanderighi (2008), The NLO multileg working group: Summary report, in Genevieve Belanger, Fawzi Boudjema, Jean-Philippe Guillet, Margarete Muehlleitner, Eric Pilon, Pietro Slavich, Sabine Kraml, Remi Lafaye & Dirk Zerwas eds, 5th Les Houches Workshop on Physics at TeV Colliders (PhysTeV 2007). Les Houches, France, 1-120.
  • Hoche, Stefan, Krauss, Frank & Teubner, Thomas (2007), Multijet events in the k_T-factorisation scheme.
  • Gleisberg, Tanju & others (2007), New trends in modern event generators.

Conference Proceeding

Journal Article

  • Bothmann, Enrico, Krauss, Frank & Schönherr, Marek (2018). Single top-quark production with sherpa. The European Physical Journal C 78(3): 220.
  • Höche, Stefan, Krauss, Frank & Prestel, Stefan (2017). Implementing NLO DGLAP evolution in parton showers. Journal of High Energy Physics 2017(10): 93.
  • Krauss, Frank, Kuttimalai, Silvan & Plehn, Tilman (2017). LHC multijet events as a probe for anomalous dimension-six gluon interactions. Physical Review D 95(3): 035024.
  • Alioli, S., Arbuzov, A. B., Bardin, D. Yu., Barzè, L., Bernaciak, C., Bondarenko, S. G., Carloni Calame, C. M., Chiesa, M., Dittmaier, S., Ferrera, G., de Florian, D., Grazzini, M., Höche, S., Huss, A., Jadach, S., Kalinovskaya, L. V., Karlberg, A., Krauss, F., Li, Y., Martinez, H., Montagna, G., Mück, A., Nason, P., Nicrosini, O., Petriello, F., Piccinini, F., Płaczek, W., Prestel, S., Re, E., Sapronov, A. A., Schönherr, M., Schwinn, C., Vicini, A., Wackeroth, D., Was, Z. & Zanderighi, G. (2017). Precision studies of observables in pp → W → lνl and pp → γ Z → l+l− processes at the LHC. The European Physical Journal C 77(5): 280.
  • Krauss, Frank, Napoletano, Davide & Schumann, Steffen (2017). Simulating b-associated production of Z and Higgs bosons with the SHERPA event generator. Physical Review D 95(3): 036012
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  • Krauss, Frank (2014). A theory perspective on Top2014.
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