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Centre for Particle Theory

String Theory

16 Lectures Prof. S. Ross

This will carry on from the Conformal Field Theory course earlier in the Epiphany term which introduces string theory. We will cover the basic aspects of string theory beginning with the bosonic string and moving to the superstring. Focus will be on understanding the spectrum of these theories and perturbative string interactions.

Outline of the course

Bosonic string: Review of CFT and bosonic string. BRST quantization in brief.
Introduction to the superstring: fermionic fields, RNS formulation. GSO projection and construction of Type I, IIA, IIB superstrings. Brief mention of heterotic string worldsheet construction.
T-duality: Toroidal compactification and T-duality. Orbifolds.
String interactions: Perturbative string amplitudes; tree and one-loop.

Books for the course

M. Green, J. Schwarz and E. Witten, Superstring theory, Vols. 1 and 2 (CUP, 1986)
J. Polchinski, String Theory, Vols. 1 & 2 (CUP, 1998)
K. Becker, M. Becker and J. Schwarz, String theory and M-theory, (CUP 2007)

Other books/articles which may be of interest:

D. Tong, String Theory, arXiv:0908.0333