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Durham University

Centre for Particle Theory

Cosmology I

16 Lectures Prof. A. Lenz

This graduate course aims to give an introduction to modern cosmology. Starting from the traditional Friedmann-Robertson-Walker cosmological solutions, we will go on to discuss present-day cosmological models for the evolution of the universe. Observational constraints will be discussed and the inflationary scenario will be considered. Finally, an introduction will be given to current research in particle cosmology.

Outline of the course

The observed Universe: Friedmann-Robertson-Walker cosmology (radiation, matter, and de Sitter/ accelerating universe solutions.
Thermal history of the Universe: the Standard Cosmological Model and its successes.
Confronting Observation: The inflationary paradigm; late time acceleration.

Books for the course

R. D'Inverno, Introducing Einstein's Relativity (O.U.P., 2003)
S. Dodelson, Modern Cosmology (Amsterdam:Academic Press, 2003)
S. Weinberg, Cosmology (O.U.P., 2008)
M. Trodden and S. Carroll, TASI Lectures: Introduction to Cosmology, astro-ph/0401547