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Centre for Particle Theory

Computing for physicists

8 Lectures Dr D. Grellscheid

We aim to introduce a variety of useful tools and techniques that will make your research life easier. From programming basics to data analysis and presentation, there will be something in the course for everybody, whether you are a heavy computer user or a pen-and-paper theorist (who will also have to write up eventually).

The course outline below is our initial suggestion. Depending on feedback from the participants, we will introduce the topics in more or less detail.

Outline of the course

The shell: More command line tools, shell configuration.
LATEX: Writing presentations.
Programming: Which language for which job? shell scripts, Python, C++, Java, . . . Compilers. Makefiles.
Computer maths: HEP-specific Mathematica packages
Handling large computations: Batch processing, using the Grid.
Data analysis and presentation: Handling of large datasets. Data plotting.

Books for the course

M. Kuhn, Unix Tools
S. Powers et al., Unix Power Tools (O’Reilly)
H. Kopka, P.W. Daly, A guide to LATEX (Addison Wesley)
L. Lamport, LATEX: A Document Preparation System (Addison Wesley)