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Centre for Particle Theory

Centre for Particle Theory

Vision statement

The Centre for Particle Theory has won an international reputation for its research. It unites the theoretical particle physics groups in the Physics and Maths Departments. It aims to foster research into all aspects of theoretical particle physics ranging from phenomenology to string theory and cosmology, and to educate the next generation of theoretical particle physicists with a comprehensive and in-depth lecture programme and PhD supervision in all areas of the subject.

Strategic importance and added value

The Centre for Particle Theory is one of the largest particle theory groups within the UK (and larger than many departments in Durham). It covers nearly the whole spectrum of modern particle theory research. It provides a critical mass of research excellence, and offers an in-depth training programme for the next generation of PhD students. The CPT is responsible for the MSc in Elementary Particle Theory, with a coherent programme of over 200 lectures on topics in mathematical physics and elementary particle theory, intended to take students from undergraduate degree level to the frontiers of research. Its activities include:

Recent papers

Thermodynamics of Accelerating Black Holes
Michael Appels, Ruth Gregory and David Kubiznak
S-Channel Dark Matter Simplified Models and Unitarity
Christoph Englert, Matthew McCullough and Michael Spannowsky
Implications of solar wind measurements for solar models and composition
Aldo Serenelli, Pat Scott, Francesco L. Villante, Aaron C. Vincent, Martin Asplund, Sarbani Basu, Nicolas Grevesse and Carlos Pena-Garay
LHC Signatures Of Scalar Dark Energy
Philippe Brax, Clare Burrage, Christoph Englert and Michael Spannowsky

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