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Collingwood College

Pastoral Support

We have excellent support arrangements at Collingwood to help people through even the toughest times. From your very first day here – when you will be welcomed by a fifty-strong team of Fresher Reps – you will be well looked after!

The JCR have a student Welfare Committee, headed by the Senior Welfare Officer who is elected by the student body. The Welfare Committee run regular drop-in sessions where you can go to talk to somebody in confidence, about anything – such as homesickness, friendship troubles, relationships, sexual health etc. – or just drop in for a chat and cup of tea! The Welfare Officers will assist you by signposting you to the relevant member of staff at Collingwood who can help you further.

The Student Support Officer and Assistant Principal & Senior Tutor are able to help you with any concern. This could be something affecting your wellbeing which in turn may affect your ability to fully commit to your academic commitments. They will listen in confidence to your concerns and can liaise with department and university services to get you the help you need to progress. They are frequently in touch with the University Counselling Service ( and with Disability Support ( In addition if you have financial problems then do see them for assistance.

We have a dedicated email account for Student Support. The address is:

For a quick reference to what you should do in any situation, please follow this link or click on the “What to do if…” subpage to the left.