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Collingwood College

Welfare & support

We have excellent support arrangements at Collingwood to help people through even the toughest times.

The JCR have a student Welfare Committee, headed by two senior Welfare Officers (Male & Female) who have been elected by the student body. The Welfare Committee run regular drop-in sessions where you can go to talk to somebody in confidence, about anything – homesickness, friendship troubles, relationships, mental or sexual health – or just drop in for a chat and cup of tea! If the Welfare Officers feel you will benefit from additional support, they will direct you to the relevant member of staff at Collingwood. Postgraduates are welcome to use this service.

The Student Support Administrator and Assistant Principal are able to help you with any academic problems, concerns about your course or examinations, and financial or health difficulties. Again, they can refer you to central University services such as the Student Finance Department or the Counselling Service if necessary. 

You are welcome to talk to the Student Support Administrator, Assistant Principal, or the Principal about any aspect of life that is bothering you. 

We also have a dedicted email account for Student Support. The email address is

Meet Cole...

Name: Cole Sims
Subject: BSc Natural Sciences (Biology), MSc Stem Cell Research
Involved in: Sports (football, squash and rugby), student politics (Collingwood & Durham Students’ Union)

"The aspect of Collingwood that I love the most is the community feel - how everyone is a member of one community.

One of the best things about Durham, and specifically Collingwood, is the welfare system and support networks that are in place at every level. These range from the Welfare Committee members and Welfare Officers (of which I was Male Welfare Officer 2012/13) who are students and act as the first port of call if anyone has a problem.

There is always somebody to talk to if you are feeling lonely, homesick or even something more serious. Collingwood has full time members of staff who are fully trained in support but also can refer students to the University Counselling Service.

The pastoral care is second to none and Collingwood tries to make everyone feel at home."