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Durham University

Collingwood College


From the moment you enter Collingwood on the first day of Freshers' Week, you become part of something very special; this doesn't change when you graduate. Our alumni are an integral part of our community, driving and shaping the future of Collingwood.

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“As a member of this College, never forget what it gives to you. These will be the greatest years of your life. This College and this University bestow on you a rare and precious privilege. You will forge rewarding relationships, friendships and networks that you will carry with you to the grave. Your academic experiences here will open up a range of opportunities to excel in life that most can only ever dream of attaining. Durham's unique collegiate system will also expand your training beyond merely the academic. Collingwood brings together students from an extremely diverse range of social, ethnic and geographical backgrounds. By being part of a collegiate system the opportunity for this incredible cross-section of society to come together very closely via sport, drama, music, college bodies, or simply socially, is much greater and more intense than at other schools of learning. The Collingwood community is a microcosm of the greater global community into which you will step when you leave this place, and the social training that you receive in your all too brief years here will help you understand more than most how to co-operate across the barriers that may have previously divided you. Recognise and appreciate this. After you leave this place never forget the favour it has bestowed upon you. A favour in life should always be reciprocated. By donating some of your future success back to this College you will help perpetuate and accelerate the same attitude in future generations of Collingwood students. You will feel proud to then show your children and grandchildren this great place.
Read this occasionally as you enjoy your time here at Collingwood, read this on that emotional day you finally pack your bags to leave for the last time, and perhaps read it again every year on the anniversary of that day. You will give back. You should give back. You will return that favour to this College to ensure future students can experience what you did. It will be the greatest feeling to do so. ”

Mark Hillery / Collingwood College, 1985-88