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Miscellaneous Residence Charges (Room) 2024/25

The below tables shows the accommodation charges for certain students who are resident for part of the year. These include, but are not limited to; exchange students, visiting students, pre-sessional students, and students undertaking programmes at Durham under the Erasmus scheme.

Room Type Daily Charge Weekly Charge
Standard Room (shared bathroom facilities) £27.50 £190.50
Ensuite £30.00 £207.50
One-Bed Property £31.50 £219.00
Two-Bed Property £37.50 £261.50
Three-Bed Property £40.50 £283.00

Miscellaneous Residence Charges (Catering) 2024/25

  Daily Charge
Servery Pay as You Go Breakfast £6.38
Servery Pay as You Go Lunch £7.23
Servery Pay as You Go Dinner £7.23

Pre-Sessional On-Campus Accommodation 2024/25

Room Type EAP Number of Weeks Weekly Charge Total Charge
Ensuite 6 £207.50 £1,512.50
10 £207.50 £2,342.50
20 £207.50 £4,265.00

Pre-sessional programme accommodation is provided for the entirety of the course and up to the start date of international and postgraduate accommodation contracts.

The pre-sessional college experience and accommodation for the programme is provided at Josephine Butler College.