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Durham University

Condensed Matter Physics

Video Library

Speaker Name Date Subject
Lucas, Chris 2013 Structure at the Electrochemical Interface Play
Hasnip, Phil 2013 Dynamic Stabilisation of Polar Oxide Growth: The case of MgO(111) Play
Wilson, Howard 2013 Fusion Energy: Scientific Challenges Play
Cardwell David 2012 Key Developments in the Processing of Bulk Superconductors for High Field Applications Play
Bain Colin 2009-05-09 Wetting Transitions and Phase Transitions in Thin Oil Films on Surfactant Play
Jones, Harry 2009-2008 Magnetic Fields for Physics and Other Things Play
Sinclair, Derek 2008-2-20 Structure-composition-property relationships in high permitting perovskites Play
McCulloch, Ian 2008-2007 Material Challenges in Organic TFT devices Play
Scott, Paul 2008-2007 The Physics and Technology of X-Ray and Gamma Ray Detector Design Play
Singleton, John 2008-2007 Current understanding of cuprate superconductors using high magnetic fields Play
Tan, Osbert 2008-2007 Liquid crystal surface anchoring structure probed by dual polarization Play
Armstrong Helen 2008-2007 Design of an Instrument to Measure Luminence of Metallic Superconductor Play
Chiang, Chien-Jung 2007-12-5 Charged Iridium Metal Complex Based Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Play
Eastwood, David 2007-12-5 The X-ray Characterisation of Magnetoresistive devices Play
Graham, Alan 2007-12-5 Quantum Tunneling Composite, a Metal-Polymer Composite with unusual electronic properites Play