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Durham University

Condensed Matter Physics


CMP members 2021

Head of CMP: Prof Del Atkinson Head of Section
Academic: Prof Peter Hatton Professor
Prof Adekunle Adeyeye Professor
Dr Anders Aufderhorst-Roberts
Dr Nicholas Bristowe
Prof Elizabeth Bromley
Prof Stewart Clark Professor
Dr Julius De-rojas Contact Julius De-rojas
Dr Matteo T. Degiacomi Associate Professor
Dr Fernando Dias
Prof. Suzanne Fielding Professor
Dr Nikitas Gidopoulos
Prof John Girkin Professor
Professor Douglas Halliday Professor
Prof Damian Hampshire Professor
Dr Qing He Contact Qing He
Dr Aidan Hindmarch
Dr Michael Hunt
Prof Halim Kusumaatmaja Professor
Prof Tom Lancaster Professor
Dr Emma McCabe Assistant Professor
Dr Budhika Mendis
Professor Andy Monkman
Dr. Margarita Staykova Associate Professor
Dr Peter Swift Assistant Professor
Professor Marek Szablewski
Dr Mehdi Tavakol Academic Contact Mehdi Tavakol
Dr Ian Terry
Dr Elsen Tjhung Lecturer Contact Elsen Tjhung
Prof Kislon Voitchovsky Professor Contact Kislon Voitchovsky
Emeritus Members: Prof Brian Tanner
Emeritus Prof Richard Abram
Research Staff: Ms Kamile Bareikaite Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher Contact Kamile Bareikaite
Mr Leon Bowen
Dr Marc Kenneth Etherington
Mr. Charles Haddon Postgraduate Contact Charles Haddon
Dr Michael Hertaeg PDRA Contact Michael Hertaeg
Dr Penelope Lawton
Dr Abhinav Naga PDRA
Mr. Jack Parker PostGraduate Contact Jack Parker
Dr Mark John Raine
Dr Lara Small
Ms. Ke Sun PostGraduate Contact Ke Sun
Dr William Trewby PDRA Contact William Trewby
Research Technicians: Mr John Dobson
Mr Duncan McCallum Safety Coordinator
Mr David Pattinson
Research Students: Ms Faten Alabdulaali Contact Faten Alabdulaali
Mrs Taghreed Alsulami Contact Taghreed Alsulami
Mr Oluwafemi Aro PGR Student
Miss Ana Beaumont PhD Student Contact Ana Beaumont
Mr. Nathan Bentley Contact Nathan Bentley
Mr. Theodore Breeze Contact Theodore Breeze
Mr Alex Brown PostGraduate Contact Alex Brown
Mr. Paul Dirk Contact Paul Dirk
Mr David Graves Contact David Graves
Mr Jack Greenwood Postgraduate Student
Ms. Yunji Ha PGR Student Contact Yunji Ha
Mr. Daniel Hudson Postgraduate Student Contact Daniel Hudson
Dr Oto-obong Inyang Contact Oto-obong Inyang
Mr. Vinay Kopnar PostGraduate Contact Vinay Kopnar
Mr Henry Lockwood PostGraduate Contact Henry Lockwood
Mr. Cameron Mcallister PostGraduate Contact Cameron Mcallister
Mr Mogtaba Mekki Contact Mogtaba Mekki
Mr Daniel Scobbie Contact Daniel Scobbie
Miss Alina Talmantaite Contact Alina Talmantaite
Miss Lucy Weatherill Postgraduate Student Contact Lucy Weatherill