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Centre for Materials Physics

 Centre for Materials Physics

Materials Physics is one of the largest, most diverse and dynamic fields in modern physics, encompassing all aspects of the solid and liquids states of matter. This breadth is reflected in the research undertaken at Durham which spans a wide range of subjects from light emitting polymers and solar cell materials to nanoscale magnetics.

Elasticity Dominated Surface Segregation of Small Molecules in Polymer Mixtures

Published in Phys. Rev. Lett. 116:208301 (2016).

This paper springs from the Durham-Procter and Gamble research partnership, and is a good illustration of how industrial collaborations can frequently lead to fundamental new science.

Many P&G products require an understanding of how small, solvent, molecules migrate inside elastic networks of polymer molecules, and especially how they partition between the network and its surface. Durham researchers in the Physics and Mathematics departments have come up with a new theory for a wide class of these systems, and solved it to show that the elasticity can be ‘tuned’ to suppress or enhance migration of the solvent to the surface.


(19 May 2016)

Centre for Materials Physics

The Centre for Materials Physics encompasses several research groups, covering a wide range of theoretical and experimental physics. These are divided into three main research themes:

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