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Durham University

Centre for Materials Physics

 Centre for Materials Physics

Vision Statement: Materials Physics is one of the largest, most diverse and dynamic fields in modern physics, encompassing all aspects of the solid and liquids states of matter. This breadth is reflected in the research undertaken at Durham which spans a wide range of subjects from light emitting polymers and solar cell materials to nanoscale magnetics. Our work aims to push forward the forefront of our understanding in the physics of materials using experiment, theory and computation.

CMP Research Highlight

The Skyrmion Project

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Centre for Materials Physics

The Centre for Materials Physics encompasses several research groups, covering a wide range of theoretical and experimental physics. These are divided into three main research themes:

Durham has a long tradition of welcoming excellent students from all over the world. If you are thinking of applying to Durham University, of course you should look through these web pages at the research and training (and in particular our Ph.D Booklet and Ph.D handbook), but also try to speak with some of our alumni, they are our greatest ambassadors.

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Recent Publications

  • Al‐Attar, Hameed, Alwattar, Aula A., Haddad, Athir, Abdullah, Bassil A., Quayle, Peter & Yeates, Stephen G. (2020). Polylactide‐perylene derivative for blue biodegradable organic light‐emitting diodes. Polymer International
  • Li, Weiwei, Zhu, Bonan, Zhu, Ruixue, Wang, Qiang, Lu, Ping, Sun, Yuanwei, Cafolla, Clodomiro, Qi, Zhimin, Chen, Aiping, Gao, Peng, Wang, Haiyan, He, Qing, Zhang, Kelvin H. L. & MacManus‐Driscoll, Judith L. (2020). Atomic‐Scale Control of Electronic Structure and Ferromagnetic Insulating State in Perovskite Oxide Superlattices by Long‐Range Tuning of BO6 Octahedra. Advanced Functional Materials
  • Bristowe, N. C., Fix, T., Blamire, M. G., Littlewood, P. B. & Artacho, Emilio (2012). Proposal of a One-Dimensional Electron Gas in the Steps at the LaAlO3-SrTiO3 Interface. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 108(16): 166802.
  • Bristowe, N. C., Varignon, J., Fontaine, D., Bousquet, E. & Ghosez, Ph. (2015). Ferromagnetism induced by entangled charge and orbital orderings in ferroelectric titanate perovskites. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 6: 6677.
  • Varignon, Julien, Bristowe, Nicholas C. & Ghosez, Philippe (2016). Electric Field Control of Jahn-Teller Distortions in Bulk Perovskites. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 116(5): 057602.
  • Senn, Mark S., Murray, Claire A., Luo, Xuan, Wang, Lihai, Huang, Fei-Ting, Cheong, Sang-Wook, Bombardi, Alessandro, Ablitt, Chris, Mostofi, Arash A. & Bristowe, Nicholas C. (2016). Symmetry Switching of Negative Thermal Expansion by Chemical Control. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 138(17): 5479-5482.
  • Lee, Jung-Hoon, Bristowe, Nicholas C., Lee, June Ho, Lee, Sung-Hoon, Bristowe, Paul D., Cheetham, Anthony K. & Jang, Hyun Myung (2016). Resolving the Physical Origin of Octahedral Tilting in Halide Perovskites. CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS 28(12): 4259-4266.
  • Miao, Naihua, Xu, Bin, Bristowe, Nicholas C., Zhou, Jian & Sun, Zhimei (2017). Tunable Magnetism and Extraordinary Sunlight Absorbance in Indium Triphosphide Monolayer. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 139(32): 11125-11131.
  • Ablitt, Chris, Craddock, Sarah, Senn, Mark S., Mostofi, Arash A. & Bristowe, Nicholas C. (2017). The origin of uniaxial negative thermal expansion in layered perovskites. NPJ COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS 3: UNSP 44.
  • Senn, Mark S. & Bristowe, Nicholas C. (2018). A group-theoretical approach to enumerating magnetoelectric and multiferroic couplings in perovskites. ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA A-FOUNDATION AND ADVANCES 74(4): 308-321.