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Durham University

Condensed Matter Physics

Condensed Matter Physics

Intrinsic nature of spontaneous magnetic fields in superconductors with time-reversal breaking symmetry

26 January 2022 15:00 in Ph30 (followed by refreshments in Ph132 James Knott Library)

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The Skyrmion Project

The Skyrmion Project is a world-leading experimental collaboration between scientists at Durham, Warwick, Cambridge, Southampton and Oxford Universities, undertaking internationally competitive research.

(4 Aug 2020) » More about The Skyrmion Project

Latest insights into developments in the thermally-activated delayed fluorescence field by researchers in OEM

In this review paper Paloma Lays dos Santos, Marc Etherington and Andy Monkman describe how thermally-activated delayed fluorescence can be tuned and controlled by chemical and conformational means; paving the way to new design principles.

(26 Apr 2018) » More about New review paper by OEM group

Kinetic Transition Networks for the Thomson Problem and Smale’s Seventh Problem

Steve Smale, a renowned Fields medalist, listed 18 problems in mathematics and computer science for the 21st century. The 7th problem in Smale's list is how to choose configurations as close as possible to the lowest energy state for particles with equal charges that are confined to the surface of a sphere.

(18 Jul 2016) » More about Kinetic Transition Networks for the Thomson Problem and Smale’s Seventh Problem

Recent Publications

  • Ward-O’Brien, Brendan, Pickering, Ed J., Ahumada-Lazo, Ruben, Smith, Charles, Zhong, Xiang Li, Aboura, Yasser, Alam, Firoz, Binks, David J., Burnett, Timothy L. & Lewis, David J. (2021). Synthesis of High Entropy Lanthanide Oxysulfides via the Thermolysis of a Molecular Precursor Cocktail. Journal of the American Chemical Society 143(51): 21560.
  • Franca, Larissa Gomes, Danos, Andrew & Monkman, Andrew (2022). Spiro donor–acceptor TADF emitters: naked TADF free from inhomogeneity caused by donor acceptor bridge bond disorder. Fast rISC and invariant photophysics in solid state hosts. Journal of Materials Chemistry C
  • Mangler, Martin F., Petrone, Chiara Maria & Prytulak, Julie (2022). Magma recharge patterns control eruption styles and magnitudes at Popocatépetl volcano (Mexico). Geology
  • Moody, S. H., Nielsen, P., Wilson, M. N., Venero, D. Alba, Štefančič, A., Balakrishnan, G. & Hatton, P. D. (2021). Experimental evidence of a change of exchange anisotropy sign with temperature in Zn-substituted Cu2OSeO3. Physical Review Research 3(4): 043149.
  • Curley, S. P. M., Huddart, B. M., Kamenskyi, D., Coak, M. J., Williams, R. C., Ghannadzadeh, S., Schneider, A., Okubo, S., Sakurai, T., Ohta, H., Tidey, J. P., Graf, D., Clark, S. J., Blundell, S. J., Pratt, F. L., Telling, M. T. F., Lancaster, T., Manson, J. L. & Goddard, P. A. (2021). Anomalous magnetic exchange in a dimerized quantum magnet composed of unlike spin species. Physical Review B 104(21).
  • Wilkinson, J. M., Pratt, F. L., Lancaster, T., Baker, P. J. & Blundell, S. J. (2021). Muon sites in PbF2 and YF3 : Decohering environments and the role of anion Frenkel defects. Physical Review B 104(22).
  • Marklund, Erik G., Degiacomi, Matteo T., Politis, Argyris & Landreh, Michael (2021). CHAPTER 8. CCS for Modelling 3D Structures. In Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry. 183.
  • Zhou, X., Tartakovskaya, E. V., Kakazei, G. N. & Adeyeye, A. O. (2021). Engineering spin wave spectra in thick Ni80Fe20 rings by using competition between exchange and dipolar fields. Physical Review B 104(21).
  • Lu, Haichang, Clark, Stewart, Guo, Yuzheng & Robertson, John (2021). The metal–insulator phase change in vanadium dioxide and its applications. Journal of Applied Physics 129(24): 240902.
  • Williams, Gareth O. S., Williams, Elvira, Finlayson, Neil, Erdogan, Ahmet T., Wang, Qiang, Fernandes, Susan, Akram, Ahsan R., Dhaliwal, Kev, Henderson, Robert K., Girkin, John M. & Bradley, Mark (2021). Full spectrum fluorescence lifetime imaging with 0.5 nm spectral and 50 ps temporal resolution. Nature Communications 12: 6616.