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Department of Classics and Ancient History


Classics (Q801)

This is the programme to choose if you want to make one or both of the classical languages the central feature of your studies. Up to two-thirds (and a minimum of one-third) of your programme in each year will be devoted to learning Greek and/or Latin to enable you to read and enjoy classical texts in the original languages. The programme has been designed in two levels, to accommodate both those who have already studied the languages at school and those who enter as beginners, and you can focus your attention on both Latin and Greek (although if you are a beginner, you will not be expected to start both languages in the same year), or on one or other of them. If, for example, you have studied Latin to A-level, the Classics programme will enable you to continue further with it at Durham while also taking up the opportunity to learn Greek. Important though it is, Classics is not just about learning languages, and the first year shares with our other programmes the two core modules entitled Remembering Athens and Monuments and Memory in the Age of Augustus, which will introduce you to a much wider perspective on classical Athens and early imperial Rome, and a range of different kinds of evidence, literary, historical, and visual: the focus of these modules is the theme of memory, the different ways in which Greeks and Romans remembered their own past, and in which they have transmitted that memory across the centuries to the present day. This same theme of memory will be continued in the second year, with a core module entitled The Traditions of Epic, to be taken alongside your continuing studies in the language(s). Depending on how much of your programme you are devoting to the language(s), you will also have the opportunity to broaden your experience of the ancient world with a wide choice of modules embracing the literature, history and philosophy of the Greeks and Romans.

Look at the table below to see the lay-out of the Classics programme; but remember that some modules may change in future years, and what is set out here is only a guide.

  Module 1Module 2Module 3Module 4Module 5Module 6
Year 1 Greek or Latin Remembering Athens Monuments and Memory in the Age of Augustus chosen from the other language (Greek or Latin), or other modules from this or another department
Year 2 Greek or Latin Traditions of Epic chosen from the other language (Greek or Latin), or other modules from this or another department
Year 3 Greek or Latin Dissertation

 chosen from the other language (Greek or Latin), or other modules from this or another department

Click here to read about the choice of modules available in the department.

Here are the official regulations for Classics.