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Durham University

Department of Classics and Ancient History


Publication details for Dr Nathan Gilbert

Gilbert, Nathan (2019). "Lucius Saufeius and his lost prehistory of Rome: intellectual culture in the Late Republic". Classical Philology 14(1): 25-46.

Author(s) from Durham


THE SCATTERED EVIDENCE FOR the life and activities of Lucius Saufeius
allows us to catch glimpses of a colorful, opinionated, and well-connected
Roman knight who chose to abstain from political office and instead devoted himself to the cultivation of literary interests and the study of Epicurean
philosophy. Saufeius is precisely the sort of individual who is usually invisible
to the modern historian, and for that reason he offers a valuable, concrete illustration of what the life of a well-off Roman outside the political limelight
might have looked like. Moreover, the survival of a possible fragment of a lost
Latin treatise by Saufeius can shed light on his small but unique contribution
to the development of Latin literature and its relationship with Greek philosophy
and historiography.