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Durham University

Department of Classics and Ancient History


Prof. P. J. Rhodes, FBA

Emeritus Fellow of University College

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P. J. Rhodes was the Department's specialist in Greek history from 1965 to 2005 (Professor of Ancient History from 1983); since his retirement in 2005 he has been Honorary Professor and Emeritus Professor. He is author of The Athenian Boule (1972, rev. 1985), Greek Historical Inscriptions, 359-323 BC (1972, rev. 1986), A Commentary on the Aristotelian Athenaion Politeia (1981, rev. 1993), The Athenian Empire (1985, rev. 1993), The Greek City States: A Source Book (1986, rev. and enlarged edition 2007), (with D. M. Lewis) The Decrees of the Greek States (1997), Ancient Democracy and Modern Ideology (2003), (with R. Osborne) Greek Historical Inscriptions, 404-323 BC (2003, corr. 2007), A History of the Classical Greek World, 478-323 BC (2005, 2nd ed. 2010) and Alcibiades (2011). He has translated The Athenian Constitution for Penguin Classics (1984), has produced editions of Thucydides, Books II (1988), III (1994), and IV.1-V.24 (1998), and The Old Oligarch (with J. L. Marr, 2008), and has edited (with L. G. Mitchell) The Development of the Polis in Archaic Greece (1997), D. M.Lewis's Selected Papers in Greek and Near Eastern History (1997), Athenian Democracy (2004), and (with E. E. Bridges and E. M. Hall) Cultural Responses to the Persian Wars: Antiquity to the Third Millennium (2007).

He is a contributor to the 2nd edition of the Cambridge Ancient History, to the 3rd and 4th editions of the Oxford Classical Dictionary, to Der neue Pauly and to the Blackwell-Wiley Encyclopedia of Ancient History. He has been a Consultant to the Copenhagen Polis Centre, and is a member of the editorial board of Bryn Mawr Classical Review (U.S.A.) and of the international advisory boards of Acta Antiqua (Hungary),.Mouseion (Canada), Grammateion (Greece) and Scripta Classica Israelica.

He has been a Junior Fellow of the Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington, D.C., and a member of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, N.J., and has also held visiting fellowships at the University of New England, Australia, and under the auspices of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. In 2002 he was Langford Family Eminent Scholar at Florida State University. He is a Fellow of the British Academy, where he was vice-chairman of the Classical Antiquity Section 1999-2002 and chairman 2002-5, and is a Foreign Member of the Royal Danish Academy, a Fellow of the Fondazione Lorenzo Valla and an Honorary Member of the Greek Epigraphic Society. In 2014/5 he is President of the Classical Association.

Research Interests

  • Greek history and historical literature
  • Greek politics and political institutions


Authored book

Edited book

Chapter in book

  • Rhodes, P. J. (2019). Buildings and History. In Greek Art in Motion: Studies in Honour of Sir John Boardman on the Occasion of his 90th Birthday. Morais, R., Leao, D., Rodriguez Perez, D. & Ferreira, D. Archaeopress. 46-54.
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Journal Article

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  • Rhodes, P.J. (2009), Response to David Whitehead, Symposion 2007: Vorträge zur griechischen und hellenistischen Rechtsgeschichte = Papers on Greek and Hellenistic legal history. Durham, England, Verlag der Oesterreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Durham, 37-40.

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