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Department of Classics and Ancient History


Dr Luca Castagnoli

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Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 41669

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Areas of Doctoral Supervision

Most areas and periods of ancient philosophy, and especially ancient dialectic and logic, ancient epistemology and scepticism, and ancient conceptions of memory.


Luca Castagnoli is Senior Lecturer in Ancient Philosophy. Having studied philosophy as an undergraduate at the University of Bologna (1994-8; Laurea 2000) and the University of California, Berkeley (1998/99), in October 2001 he moved to England, Cambridge University (St. John’s College) to read for a Ph.D. in Classics (obtained in 2005). From October 2004 to August 2007 he was a Lumley Research Fellow at Magdalene College, Cambridge; during this period he also lectured courses in ancient philosophy at Cambridge and King’s College London. He joined the Department of Classics and Ancient History of Durham University in September 2007.

Research Interests

Luca Castagnoli’s research interests are focused on ancient philosophy, especially ancient dialectic and logic, ancient epistemology and scepticism, and ancient conceptions of memory and learning. His first book, Ancient Self-Refutation (Cambridge University Press 2010), is a comprehensive history and analysis of ancient self-refutation arguments from Democritus to Augustine, with a few glimpses at the medieval period. He is currently co-authoring an introduction to Ancient Logic (with Paolo Fait, for Routledge), and editing three volumes: The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Logic; Greek Memories (with Paola Ceccarelli); Ancient Fallacies (with Valentina Di Lascio). He is also writing a series of articles on ancient logic, epistemology and scepticism (follow the 'personal web pages' link above for more details). His next major research project, for which he was awarded a Leverhulme Research Fellowship (January 2014-March 2015), is to produce a monograph on ancient philosophers on memory, recollection and forgetting. He is keen to supervise graduate students in his areas of expertise.

Current Research Students

* Sebastiano Molinelli, Dissoi Logoi: A new Commented Edition (Ph.D.)
* Graziano Toto, Aristotle on Identity (Ph.D.)

Recent Research Students

* Matthew Neale, Madhyamaka in Pyrrhonism (Philosophy Ph.D., co-supervisor 2011-13)
* Dorothee Schmitt, Relativism and Self-Refutation (Ph.D. visiting student, Bonn University, 2012)
* Yip-Mei Loh, On the Construction of Plato's Epistemology (Ph.D. visiting student, Fu-Jen University, Taiwan, 2012-3)
* Doriana Cadoni, Alexander of Aphrodisias' Quaestio 1.4 (MA by thesis)
* Hyeok Yu, Self-Knowledge in Plato's Charmides (Ph.D., submitted)
* Yumi Suzuki, The underlying paradox Plato's Meno 80d5-e5 (MA by thesis 2012)
* Yoon Cheol Lee, A study on Protagorean Objectivism (Ph.D. 2012)
* Atsushi Hayase, Plato's later dialectic (Ph.D. 2010)
* Roberto Medda, Aristotle's De memoria et reminiscentia: concepts and sources (MA by thesis 2009)


Books: authored

Books: edited

  • Castagnoli, Luca (2016). The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Logic. Cambridge University Press (under contract, in progress).

Edited works: contributions

  • Castagnoli, Luca (2015). Aenesidemus. In Skepticism: From Antiquity to the Present. Machuca, D. & Reed, B. Bloomsbury (forthcoming).
  • Castagnoli, Luca (2013). Early Pyrrhonism: Pyrrho to Aenesidemus. In Routledge Companion to Ancient Philosophy. Sheffield, F. & Warren, J. Routledge. 496-510.
  • Castagnoli, Luca & Di Lascio, E. Valentina (2012). Ancient Philosophy of Language. In Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Language. Fara, D. G. & Russell, G. Routledge. 811-826.
  • Castagnoli, Luca & Cavini, Walter (2012). La logica antica. In L'antichita'. Eco U. Milan: Encyclomedia Publishers. 14: 110-161.
  • Castagnoli, Luca (2009). Sextus Empiricus. In Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome. Gagarin, M. Oxford University Press. 6: 289-292.
  • Castagnoli, Luca (2009). Skepticism. In Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome. Gagarin, M. Oxford University Press. 6: 314-318.

Essays in edited volumes

  • Castagnoli, Luca (2015). Aristote sur la pétition de principe. In Logique and dialectique dans l’Antiquité. Gourinat, J.-B. & Lemaire, J. Paris: Vrin.
  • Castagnoli, Luca (2012). Self-refutation and Dialectic in Plato and Aristotle. In Dialectic and Dialogue: The Development of Dialectic from Plato to Aristotle. Fink, J. L. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 27-61.
  • Castagnoli, Luca (2010). How Dialectical Was Stoic Dialectic?. In Ancient Models of Mind: Studies in Human and Divine Rationality. Nightingale A. & Sedley, D. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 153-179.
  • Castagnoli, Luca (2009). Synartēsis crisippea e tesi di Aristotele. In La logica nel pensiero antico. Alessandrelli, M. & Nasti De Vincentis, M. Naples: Bibliopolis. 105-163.
  • Castagnoli, Luca (2006). Memoria Aristotelica, memoria Agostiniana. In Mente, anima e corpo nel mondo antico. Immagini e funzioni. Lucchetta, G. A. & La Palombara, U. Pescara: Opera Editrice. 141-160.

Journal papers: academic

Articles: review

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