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Durham University

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Dr Leonardo Gregoratti

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Leonardo Gregoratti was educated at the Universities of Udine (Italy) and Trier (Germany). He has conducted research in Udine, Trier, Kiel and Bergen. His research interests include Roman History and Epigraphy and the history of Western Asia, in particular the Roman Near East, Palmyra, the long distance trade and the Parthian Kingdom. He is about to publish his first monograph entitled Between Rome and Ctesiphon: Royal Authority and Peripheral Powers along the Trade Routes of the Parthian Kingdom with Franz Steiner Verlag (Stuttgart). He collaborates as classical historian with the archaeological missions conducted by Udine University in Syria and Iraq.

Research interests

The Parthian Empire: A five-century long-lasting empire is slowly coming out from the shadow of history regaining its cultural and historical identity. I am interested in every aspect of the Arsacid state’s history and administration, in particular in the archeological works carried out in Iran, Iraq and Turkmenistan by both western and local missions. My aim is to collect enough information to create a detailed geopolitical overview of the Parthian Empire.

Palmyra, Dura-Europos and the Roman Near East: I am interested mainly in the political, social and economic aspects of the Roman presence along the Euphrates frontier and in the Roman provinces of Syria, Arabia, Palaestina and Mesopotamia.

Eastern Client Kingdoms: I am investigating the role of the eastern client kingdoms of both Rome and Parthia in order to spot differences and similarities in their histories, relationships with the central authority and methods of territorial control.

Aquileian Families North and East of the Alps: This concerns an epigraphic project aimed at individuating the presence of Roman gentes and families from the Italic colony of Aquileia in north-eastern Italy, in the territories of Noricum, Pannonia and Upper Moesia.

Parthians, Indo-Parthians, Kushans and the Silk Road: This concerns an attempt to view all the different political realities along the western branch of the Silk Road as a network system including different elements, with each of these able to influence the others and the trade activity between China and Rome.


Chapter in book

  • Gregoratti, L. (2014). The Parthian Empire: Romans, Jews, Nomads, and Chinese on the Silk Road. In The Silk Road: Vol. 1 Long-Distance Trade, Culture, and Society: Interwoven History. Walter, M. N. & Ito-Adler, J. P. Cambridge Institutes Press. 43-70.
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Journal Article

  • Gregoratti, L. (2014). North Italic Settlers along the “Amber Route”. Studia Antiqua et Archaeologica 19: 133-153.
  • Gregoratti L. (2013). The Journey east of the Great King, East and West in the Parthian Kingdom. Parthica 15: 43-52.
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