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Durham University

Department of Classics and Ancient History


Our second conference, originally scheduled for 9-12 June 2020 in Durham, took place virtually in December 2020, in reduced form.

Synchronous attendance was restricted to project participants, but you can register to hear the recordings.


Wednesday 2 December, 6pm GMT

Irene Selsvold: Assemblages, spatial palimpsests, and the Christianisation of urban space in late antique Asia Minor

Amy Miranda: A spatial art history of Rome’s provinces: Dougga as thirdspace

Lewis Webb: Spectatissima femina? Living and non-living archetypes of female hyper-visibility in Republican Rome

Duncan MacRae: Assembling the Capitoline future

Sara Lindheim: Terminal anxiety: Ovidian puellae, foreign imports, and the space of empire

Evan Jewell: Wayfinding among the living and the dead: monuments, prepositions and spatial identities at Rome

Thursday 3 December, 3pm GMT

Abigail Walker: Narcissus as the embodied landscape: the spatial dynamics between place and protagonist in Ovid’s Metamorphoses and Campanian wall-painting

Edmund Thomas: Spatialities of the Baroque

Sophie Chavarria: Social contacts, intimacy and the identity of ‘ordinary’ women in mid-Republican Rome

Marie Zöckler: Semanticisation of space in Senecan tragedy

Stephanie Frampton: “Vade, liber”: Textual mobility and the poetics of space in Roman book culture