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Department of Classics and Ancient History

Past Events

Ancient Carthage: Models of cultural contact

St John's College, Durham

Conference on Carthage and the Punic-Phoenician world, sponsored by the Department of Classics & Ancient History, to be held at St John's College, 5th-6th August 2011.


St John’s College, Durham UK
5th - 6th August 2011

The aim of this networking project is to address the Carthaginian- Phoenician nexus in the wider Mediterranean context from the 9th century BCE to the fall of Carthage to Rome in 146 BCE, as well as the rediscovery and reception of Carthage and her Phoenician motherland from the 18th century. This international conference, building on workshops already held at Durham, will adopt a cross-disciplinary approach going beyond word-based evidence (whether archival, epigraphic or literary) to gain a clearer picture of these complex and significant cultures, drawing upon current archaeological work and upon the findings of epigraphy and linguistics.
Topics to be examined include materiality, migration, colonial encounters, and connectivity, and their important contribution to the understanding of the social, cultural and political identity of the Punic-Phoenician diaspora.

Please click here for the booking form and detailed programme.
If you have any queries, please contact the conference organisers (Dr Clemence Schultze or Dr Mark Woolmer) using the following email address:


Dr Marianne Bergeron (Reading / British Museum): Protocorinthian drinking
vessels in western Phoenician burials

Mr Philip Boyes (Cambridge): Culture contact and the shaping of Phoenician
élite identity

Dr Amelia Dowler (British Museum): Patterns of dispersal: Carthaginian
coins and the economy

Professor Dexter Hoyos (Sydney) [by Skype]: The myth of Carthaginian naval
dominance pre 264 BCE

Professor Robert Kerr (Wilfrid Laurier): Carthaginian child sacrifice: an

Mr Carl Mazurek (Cambridge): Fides Punica, fides Iberica: Models of
diplomatic interaction in Barcid Spain

Mr Farès Moussa (ENS Paris / Edinburgh): ‘Phoeniciomania’, ‘culture
history’ and ‘regime change’: situating models of Phoenicio-Punic culture

Dr Matthew Peacock (Durham): [title tbc)]

Dr Luke Pitcher (Oxford): Appian [title tbc)]

Dr Louis Rawlings (Cardiff): Polybius’ miscellaneous Greeks: mercenaries
and small communities in Carthage

Dr Philippa Steele (Cambridge): Stepping-stone to the Mediterranean:
Phoenicians in Cyprus

Dr Mark Woolmer (Durham): ‘Ornamental’ horns on Phoenician warships

Dr Efrem Zambon (Venice): Carthaginian coinage in Sicily and its meanings:
Siculo-Punic interactions and cultural contacts through coins

The conference will be hosted by the Department of Classics at Durham
University and is kindly supported by the two research centres: Centre for
the Study of the Ancient Mediterranean and the Near East, and Centre for
the Study of the Classical Tradition. The academic session on Friday will
be at Elvet Hill House and will include a visit to the adjacent Oriental
Museum; and the Saturday sessions will be at St John’s College, which is
also the venue for residential accommodation and meals. Accommodation will
be provided in single rooms with shared bathrooms.



Contact for more information about this event.