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Durham University


Meet our students

Find out what our students think about the Chemistry department, our courses and Durham student life.

Joanna Starkie, current fourth year MChem (Industrial)

 'I have just left Durham to do a 4th year Industrial placement and I honestly really do miss it! It is the mixture of like-minded people, being taught by lecturers that are really passionate about their subject and honestly want the best for you and a great social life, all in a beautiful setting.'

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Isabelle Johnson, current fourth year MChem (Durham)

'Before coming to Durham someone described the University to me as 'like Oxbridge but with a pulse', which I think sums up the student community quite well!'

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David Jasiewicz, current fourth year MChem (overseas)

'At Durham, I’ve covered a broad range of chemistry which should make me versatile enough for a range of careers.'

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Alexandra Tyson, current third year MChem

'If you enjoy Chemistry and are thinking about reading it at university, Durham is a wonderful place to study and I would recommend you visiting to see for yourself.'

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Josh Goswell, current third year BSc

'Be prepared to work hard, but remember how well you will be set for progressing with the rest of your career/life with a degree from Durham. '

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Stuart Goldie, current second year MChem

'As I’m always telling my friends from home, Durham’s college system is the best approach to student accommodation ever devised, fact. It is such a warm welcoming environment where anything goes and really is the most supportive and constructive environment to move into, both socially and academically.'

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Katie Marsh, current second year Natural Sciences

'I simply fell in love with Durham when I visited on the Open Day and knew immediately it was the place for me.'

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Ivalina Minova, current second year MChem

'A chemistry degree from Durham will stretch your intellectual talents, test your organizational ability and give you skills for life. The skills you develop here are highly valued by prospective employers and therefore will increase your chances of employment in a scientific career.'

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Katherine Langridge, fourth year MChem (industrial placement) 2012-2013

'The reputation of the Chemistry department is very high, with employers valuing the skills gained from completing a degree here.'

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Georgina Uttley, fourth year MChem (Durham) 2012-2013

'A degree from Durham isn't like any other, with a Chemistry degree in one of the UK's top departments you're likely to stand out from the crowd.'

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