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Durham University

Department of Chemistry

Publication details for Dr Robert Pal

Walton, J.W., Bourdoll, A., Butler, S.J., Soulie, M., Delbianco, M., McMahon, B.K., Pal, R., Puschmann, H., Zwier, J.M., Lamarque, L., Maury, O., Andraud, C. & Parker, D. (2013). Very bright europium complexes that stain cellular mitochondria. Chemical Communications 49(16): 1600-1602.

Author(s) from Durham


The synthesis, structure and photophysical properties of a series of highly emissive europium complexes is reported. Certain complexes enter mammalian cells by macropinocytosis and stain the mitochondria selectively, allowing observation of the Eu emission in cellulo by time-gated spectral imaging.