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Durham University

Department of Chemistry

Publication details for Prof. J.A. Gareth Williams

Crassous, Jeanne, Saleh, Nidal, Kundu, Debsouri, Vanthuyne, Nicolas, Olesiak, Joanna, Pniakowska, Anna, Matczyszyn, Katarzyna, Chang, Victoria, Muller, Gilles, Williams, Gareth, Srebro-Hooper, Monika & Autschbach, Jochen (2020). Synthesis, structure, photophysical and chiroptical properties of dinuclear rhenium complexes with a bridging helicene‐bis‐bipyridine ligand. ChemPlusChem 85(11): 2446-2454.

Author(s) from Durham


By attaching pyridine groups to a diaza[6]helicene, a helical, bis‐ditopic, bis‐N^N‐coordinating ligand can be accessed. Dinuclear rhenium complexes featuring this bridging ligand, of the form [{Re(CO)3Cl}2(N^N–N^N)], have been prepared and resolved to give enantiopure complexes. They are phosphorescent in solution at room temperature under one‐ and two‐photon excitation. Their experimental chiroptical properties (optical rotation, electronic circular dichroism and circularly polarized emission) have been measured. They show, for instance, emission dissymmetry factors of c.a. ±3.10‐3. Quantum‐chemical calculations indicate the importance of stereochemistry on the optical activity, pointing towards further design improvements in such types of complexes.