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Durham University

Department of Chemistry

Publication details for Prof. Ritu Kataky

Szarma, R.J., Batsanov, A.S., Kataky, R. & Baruah, J.B. (2006). Structural investigations on quinone methides for understanding their properties in confined media. Journal of inclusion phenomena and macrocyclic chemistry 55(1-2): 1-9.

Author(s) from Durham


Encapsulation of 4−[(4′-hydroxy−3′,5′-dimethylphenyl)(aryl)-methylene]−2,6−dimethyl-cyclohexa−2,5−dienones (when aryl=4−hydroxyphenyl 1, 4−methoxyphenyl 2, 2,3,4-trimethoxy phenyl 3) by β-cyclodextrin is studied. The compound 2 is selectively encapsulated by β-cyclodextrin. The result is rationalised by analysing the structural parameters from the crystal structure of 1–3. The visible spectra of the compounds 2 and 3 at pH 9.0 show red shifts on the absorption maxima upon addition of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB). For example, addition of a solution of CTAB to aqueous ethanolic solution of 2 at pH 9 causes shift of the absorption at 578–593 nm (Δλmax=15 nm). The advantage of this observation is taken to use 2 and 3 to determine the critical micelle concentration of CTAB in basic medium.