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Department of Chemistry

Publication details for Prof. Jeremy M. Hutson

Berninger, M. Zenesini, A. Huang, B., Harm, W. Nägerl, H.C. Ferlaino, F. Grimm, R. Julienne, P.S. & Hutson, J.M. (2011). Universality of the three-body parameter for Efimov states in ultracold cesium. Physical review letters 107(12): 120401

Author(s) from Durham


We report on the observation of triatomic Efimov resonances in an ultracold gas of cesium atoms. Exploiting the wide tunability of interactions resulting from three broad Feshbach resonances in the same spin channel, we measure magnetic-field dependent three-body recombination loss. The positions of the loss resonances yield corresponding values for the three-body parameter, which in universal few-body physics is required to describe three-body phenomena and, in particular, to fix the spectrum of Efimov states. Our observations show a robust universal behavior with a three-body parameter that stays essentially constant.