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Department of Chemistry

Publication details for Dr George Bepete

Bepete, G., Pénicaud, A., Drummond, C. & Anglaret, E. (2016). Raman Signatures of Single Layer Graphene Dispersed in Degassed Water, “‘Eau de Graphene”’. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120(49): 28204-28214.

Author(s) from Durham


We report a detailed Raman study of single layer graphene dispersed in degassed water without additives (SLGiw), so-called “‘eau de graphene”’ (EdG).23 The most characteristic signature of SLGiw is a narrow (28 ± 2 cm–1) and symmetric 2D band. The intensity of the D band is dominated by the contribution of sp3 defects due to slight functionalization of the basal-planes. The density of defects is estimated in the range 200–650 ppm by studying thin films prepared from EdG. These defects can be fully and easily cured by annealing the films at 800 °C. The position of the G and 2D bands, blue-shifted with respect to pristine SLG, are assigned to moderate biaxial compressive strain (≈0.09 ± 0.02%) and likely weak n doping (<4 × 1012 electrons/cm2) of SLGiw.