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Department of Chemistry

Publication details for Dr Dominikus Heift

Klein, A., Butsch, K., Elmas, S., Biewer, C., Heift, D., Nitsche, S., Schlipf, I. & Bertagnolli, H. (2012). Oxido-pincer complexes of copper(II) - An EXAFS and EPR study of mono- and binuclear [(pydotH)2CuCl2](n) (n=1 or 2). Polyhedron 31(1): 649-656.

Author(s) from Durham


The oxido-pincer ligand pydotH2 (2,6-bis(1-hydroxy-1-o-tolyl-ethyl-η2O,O′)pyridine) forms two different CuII containing complexes when prepared from anhydrous CuCl2. A combination of EPR spectroscopy and EXAFS allowed to structurally characterise the light-green dimer of the formula [(pydotH2)CuCl(μ-Cl)2ClCu(pydotH2)] and the penta-coordinate olive-green monomer [(pydotH2)CuCl2]. The molecular entities imply that the ligand remains protonated upon coordination. When dissolved in DMF both compounds form monomeric species [(pydotH2)CuCl2(DMF)] which could be characterised in detail by EPR, UV–Vis/NIR spectroscopy and electrochemical measurements. The assignments were supported by comparison with CuII complexes of the related ligands 2,6-bis(hydroxymethyl)pyridine (pydimH2) and 2,6-bis(1-hydroxy-1-methyl)pyridine (pydipH2).