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Department of Chemistry

Dr Matthew O. Kitching

Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 42127

Contact Dr Matthew O. Kitching (email at

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  • Snieckus, Victor, Kitching, Matthew, Laars, Marju, Board, Johnathan, Patel, Jignesh & Gan, Wei (2018). Directed Remote Lateral Metalation: Highly Substituted 2-Naphthols and BINOLs by in situ Directing Group Generation. Angewandte Chemie 130(30): 9569-9573.
  • Patel, Jignesh J., Laars, Marju, Gan, Wei, Board, Johnathan, Kitching, Matthew O. & Snieckus, Victor (2018). Directed Remote Lateral Metalation: Highly Substituted 2-Naphthols and BINOLs by In Situ Generation of a Directing Group. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 57(30): 9425-9429.
  • Kitching, Matthew O., Dixon, Olivia E., Baumann, Marcus & Baxendale, Ian R. (2017). Flow-Assisted Synthesis: A Key Fragment of SR 142948A. European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2017(44): 6540-6553.
  • De Bo, Guillaume, Gall, Malcolm A. Y., Kitching, Matthew O., Kuschel, Sonja, Leigh, David A., Tetlow, Daniel J. & Ward, John W. (2017). Sequence-Specific β-Peptide Synthesis by a Rotaxane-Based Molecular Machine. Journal of the American Chemical Society 139(31): 10875-10879.
  • Gil-Ramirez, Guzman, Hoekman, Steven, Kitching, Matthew O., Leigh, David A., Vitorica-Yrezabal, Inigo J. & Zhang, Gen (2016). Tying a Molecular Overhand Knot of Single Handedness and Asymmetric Catalysis with the Corresponding Pseudo-D-3-Symmetric Trefoil Knot. Journal of the American Chemical Society 138(40): 13159-13162.
  • Hoekman, Steven, Kitching, Matthew O., Leigh, David A., Papmeyer, Marcus & Roke, Diederik (2015). Goldberg Active Template Synthesis of a [2]Rotaxane Ligand for Asymmetric Transition-Metal Catalysis. Journal of the American Chemical Society 137(24): 7656-7659.
  • Hurst, Timothy E., Kitching, Matthew O., da Frota, Livia C. R. M., Guimaraes, Keller G., Dalziel, Michael E. & Snieckus, Victor (2015). Metal-Free Synthesis of Dibenzoxazepinones via a One-Pot SNAr and Smiles Rearrangement Process: Orthogonality with Copper-Catalyzed Cyclizations. Synlett 26(11): 1455-1460.
  • Battilocchio, Claudio, Deadman, Benjamin J., Nikbin, Nikzad, Kitching, Matthew O., Baxendale, Ian R. & Ley, Steven V. (2013). A Machine-Assisted Flow Synthesis of SR48692: A Probe for the Investigation of Neurotensin Receptor-1. Chemistry - A European Journal 19(24): 7917-7930.
  • Baxendale, I. R., Cheung, S., Kitching, M. O., Ley, S. V. & Shearman, J. W. (2013). The synthesis of neurotensin antagonist SR 48692 for prostate cancer research. Biorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 21(14): 4378-4387.
  • Battilocchio, Claudio, Baxendale, Ian R., Biava, Mariangela, Kitching, Matthew O. & Ley, Steven V. (2012). A Flow-Based Synthesis of 2-Aminoadamantane-2-carboxylic Acid. Organic Process Research & Development 16(5): 798-810.
  • Kitching, Matthew O., Hurst, Timothy E. & Snieckus, Victor (2012). Copper-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Interrupted by an Opportunistic Smiles Rearrangement: An Efficient Domino Approach to Dibenzoxazepinones. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 51(12): 2925-2929.
  • Kitching, Matthew O. & Snieckus, Victor (2012). Organic chemistry - Directors extend their reach. Nature 486(7404): 478-479.
  • Seechurn, Carin C. C. Johansson, Kitching, Matthew O., Colacot, Thomas J. & Snieckus, Victor (2012). Palladium-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling: A Historical Contextual Perspective to the 2010 Nobel Prize. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 51(21): 5062-5085.
  • Battilocchio, Claudio, Baumann, Marcus, Baxendale, Ian R., Biava, Mariangela, Kitching, Matthew O., Ley, Steven V., Martin, Rainer E., Ohnmacht, Stephan A. & Tappin, Nicholas D. C. (2012). Scale-Up of Flow-Assisted Synthesis of C-2-Symmetric Chiral PyBox Ligands. Synthesis 44(4): 635-647.
  • Tozzi, Francesco, Ley, Steven V., Kitching, Matthew O. & Baxendale, Ian R. (2010). Enzymatic Oxidative Cyclisation Reactions Leading to Dibenzoazocanes. Synlett 2010(13): 1919-1922.
  • Myers, Rebecca M., Shearman, James W., Kitching, Matthew O., Ramos-Montoya, Antonio, Neal, David E. & Ley, Steven V. (2009). Cancer, Chemistry, and the Cell: Molecules that Interact with the Neurotensin Receptors. ACS Chemical Biology 4(7): 503-525.
  • Aureggi, V., Franckevičius, V., Kitching, M.O., Ley, S.V., Longbottom, D.A., Oelke, A.J. & Sedelmeier, G. (2008). (S)-5-PYRROLIDIN-2-YL-1H-TETRAZOLE. Organic Syntheses 85: 72.
  • Baumann, Marcus, Baxendale, Ian R., Hayward, John J., Hopkin, Mark D., Jin, Jane, Kitching, Matthew O., Lanners, Steve, Ley, Steven V., Nikbin-Roudsari, Nikzad, Smith, Christopher D., Smith, Catherine J. & Tamborini, Lucia (2008). New opportunities for advanced organic synthesis-flow-based chemical processing. Journal Of Labelled Compounds & Radiopharmaceuticals 51(5-6): 252-253.

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