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Department of Chemistry

Sustainable Chemistry and Catalysis

Coordinator - Prof. Andy Whiting

Members of the Sustainable Chemistry and Catalysis section are involved in a wide range of exciting issues at the interface between synthesis, organic chemistry, inorganic and organometallic chemistry, catalysis and flow chemistry. This section is closely associated with the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Processes, which also works in collaboration with the Durham Energy Institute.

Some examples of current projects (for details, please link to individual www sites) involving researchers from the section include:

  • Patrick G. Steel "New array strategies using C-H borylation"
  • Patrick G. Steel "Tandem C-H borylation cross-coupling sequences: Efficient access to polysubstituted azaheterocycles"
  • Graham Sandford and Mark Fox - "Multi-channel continuous flow gas-liquid reactors allow selective fluorination and oxidation reactions to proceed with a high degree of control."
  • Graham Sandford - "Polyfluorinated heterocyclic systems have been utilised as versatile polyfunctional scaffolds for applications in drug discovery."
  • Andy Whiting  - "New clean catalytic processes based on bifunctional aminoboronic acids"
  • Andy Whiting - "Rapid, highly stereoselective synthesis of polyene natural products via palladium-catalysed cross-coupling reactions"
  • Phil Dyer  "Novel C1-feedstocks: Catalytic Activation of CO2 "
  • Phil Dyer "Development of Well-defined Initiator Systems for Olefin Dimerisation"
  • Phil Dyer "Exploiting Electronic Asymmetry in Ligand Design and Catalysis"