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Department of Chemistry

Research Groupings

Durham Chemistry is a thriving research centre pursuing world-class science across a range of chemical disciplines.  We have a strong ethos of collaborative and inter-disciplinary activities which cut across traditional boundaries and enjoy many links to other research centres in Durham and the rest of the world.

Research in the Department is focussed around six main groupings.

  • Biological Chemistry - addressing a range of exciting issues at the interface between chemistry and biology.
  • Materials: Synthesis and Structure - interested in the preparation, understanding and exploitation of a range of materials across the chemical spectrum.
  • Optical and Molecular Electronics - involved in projects ranging from nanomaterials and nanoscience to the synthesis of molecular materials (conjugated or luminescent) and photophysical properties.
  • Soft Matter, Surfaces and Interfaces - research concerns a diverse range of soft structures with dimensions ranging from the nano- to macroscale.
  • Sustainable Chemistry and Catalysis - involved at the interface between synthesis, organic chemistry, inorganic and organometallic chemistry, catalysis and flow chemistry
  • Theory and Dynamics - working to understand fundamental chemical processes in order to underpin future advances in chemistry and molecular physics